Unique T Names for a boy

Baby Boy Names with T

Deciding a name for a baby is tough, especially when the parents want the name to begin with a particular letter but can’t come up with a name they think is the one and can’t find one that is perfect for their newborn even after hours of skimming through articles, and asking most of their friends, relatives, and family friends.

So, today, to help out the new parents who have yet to solve the “cant-find-a-name” problem, we have listed names that begin with T for the parents who want their baby boys` name to start with that letter.

Baby Boy Names with T
Baby Boy Names with T

Boy names that start with T

Talbot: English name possibly based on the Old French taille-botte (‘cleave faggot’ or ‘cut bundle’) or else from obscure Germanic roots. It has strong aristocratic connections, being the family name of the earls of Shrewsbury.

Tanner: English name that originated as a surname meaning ‘leather worker’.

Tariq: Arabic name meaning ‘night star’ or ‘one who knocks at the door at night’. The name is borne by the morning star and also by a celebrated eighth-century Berber leader, Tariq ibn Ziyad (d. c. 720).

Tarquin: Roman family name of obscure Etruscan origin. Two early Roman kings bore the name. It also appears as the name of a knight in Arthurian legend.

Tasgall: Scottish Gaelic name derived from Old Norse words meaning ‘god’ and ‘sacrificial cauldron’. The name is sometimes rendered as Taskill by English speakers.

Tate: English name based ultimately on the Old Norse for ‘cheerful’. Also found as Tait or Teyte.

Taylor:  English name based on a surname originally reserved for those engaged in the business of tailoring. Notable bearers of the name have included British poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge (1772–1834).

Terry: English name of Germanic origin, from words meaning ‘tribe’ and ‘power’. It is also a shortened form of several other names, including TERENCE and THEODORE. Sometimes itself shortened to Tel.

Tertius:  (‘tershus’) Roman name based on the Latin for ‘three’ and thus reserved for third-born sons.

Tex:  American name inspired by the state name Texas and originally reserved for inhabitants of that state. It remains confined largely to the USA.

Thaddeus:  Hebrew first name possibly meaning ‘valiant’ or ‘wise’ or else based on THEODORE. It appears in the New Testament as the name of one of the apostles

Theodore:  English name based on the Greek for ‘God’s gift’. The name was popular with early Christians and was borne by no fewer than twenty-eight saints. Commonly shortened to Theo or, in the USA, to Ted or Teddy.

Theophilus:  Greek name based on the Greek words theos (‘god’) and philos (‘loving’) and meaning ‘loved by God’ or ‘one who loves God’. It appears in the New Testament and was adopted by the Puritans in the sixteenth century. Often shortened to Theo.

Thomas:  English name based on the Aramaic for ‘twin’. The name appears in the Bible, notably as the name of one of the apostles. Commonly shortened to Tom (occasionally Thom) or Tommy, it appears in the proverbial ‘Tom, Dick and Harry’ list of common boys’ names. Tam, Tammy and Tomas are Scottish variants.

Timothy:  Hebrew name based on the Greek Timotheos (meaning ‘honouring God’ or ‘honoured by God’). The name was apparently unknown in England prior to the Reformation. Commonly shortened to Tim or Timmy.

Toby : English version of the Hebrew Tobias (meaning ‘the Lord is good’). The name features in William Langland’s poem Piers Plowman (late fourteenth century). Variants include Tobin.

Todd:  English name meaning ‘fox’. The name enjoyed a considerable vogue during the 1970s, especially in Canada and the USA where it ranked among the fifty most popular boys’ names. Also found as Tod.

Travis : English name meaning ‘toll-keeper’ or ‘crossing’, originally from the French traverser (‘to cross’). Also found as Travers, the name figured among lists of the fifty most popular boys’ names in the 1970s.

Trent:  English name based on that of the River Trent in the Midlands of England. It is more commonly encountered in the USA than it is on the British side of the Atlantic.

Trevor: English and Welsh name that was originally a place name meaning ‘great homestead’. Rendered in Welsh as Trefor, it has been in use as a first name since the 1860s. Commonly shortened to Trev.

Tristan:  English version of the Celtic Drystan, which may have been based on the Celtic drest or drust (‘din’ or ‘tumult’) or on the Latin tristis (‘sad’). As Tristram, it made its first appearance in England in the twelfth century. Also found as Trystan. Commonly shortened to Tris.

Troy:  English and Irish name taken from that of the French city of Troyes or else from the Irish for ‘foot soldier’ or a phrase meaning ‘from the place of the people with curly hair’.

Turner:  English name that originated as a surname meaning ‘lathe worker’.

Tyler:  English name that was originally an occupational surname given to workers employed to tile roofs. Also found as Tylar. Commonly shortened to Ty.

Tyson : English name that originated as a surname meaning ‘son of the German’. Shortened to Ty.

Tallon : English name Variant of Tal tall. Surname

Tamryn:  Russian name Palm tree. Variant of Tamar. Biblical Tamara was daughter of King David and sister to Absalom.


What are names that start with t for girls?

  • Teresa
  • Trinity
  • Tessa
  • Thea
  • Theresa
  • Tate
  • Theadora
  • Trisha
  • Tristine
  • Teryl

What are celebrity names that start with T?

  • Tom
  • Tasuku
  • Timothée
  • Tupac
  • Tucker
  • Thiago
  • Tina
  • Tua
  • Tyra
  • Tony
  • Tracee
  • Tory
  • Talula
  • Trisha

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