Top Unique & Uncommon Flower Baby Names

Are you searching for flower baby names for your daughter or son? Then, first of all, congratulations to you for your baby, and you are at the right place. Picking a name for babies is a very special time for parents for their baby to carry for the whole life with them. You are looking for a flower traditional flower name, or an uncommon name, or a name inspired by the variation of rose, here you will surely find the name of your choice.

Parents want a graceful and beautiful name for their babies, so nothing is beautiful than a flower. Names that are related to the flowers always sound graceful and charming. In the 18th Century, people loved to choose a name related to the flowers. It was considered very fashionable. If you also want a floral name for your baby, then here are a few cute and beautiful names inspired by the flowers.

Baby Names for Girls Meanings
1.       Acacia Attractive yellow or white blossom
2.       Alyssa Rational
3.       Amaryllis Flower
4.       Apple A Fruit
5.       Aster Little star
6.       Azalea A Flower
7.       Belia Sign or Breath
8.       Blanchefleur White Flower
9.       Blossom A cluster of flowers
10.   Bluebell A pretty wildflower
11.   Briony Sprout
12.   Bryony A root used in folk medicine
13.   Bud Friend
14.   Calla Greek Origin
15.   Camellia Admiration and Perfection
16.   Cassia Cinnamon
17.   Cedar Cedar tree
18.   Celandine A swallow
19.   Chrysanthe Golden flower
20.   Cinnamon Sweet reddish-brown
21.   Clover A Wild Flower
22.   Daffodil Springtime yellow flower
23.   Dahlia vibrant flower in Victorian dignity
24.   Daisy Second most popular girls name
25.   Danica Morning star
26.   Daphne Bay tree or laurel tree
27.   Delphine Represents an open heart
28.   Eliza Fresh and Delightful
29.   Erica Heather
30.   Fern Green Plant that loves shade
31.   Fleur Flower
32.   Flora Flower
33.   Freesia Freese’s flower
34.   Hana Happiness
35.   Hazel Lovely, Vintage feel
36.   Heather A plant grow in barren land
37.   Hibiscus Latin origin
38.   Holly More adorable name
39.   Hyacinth Flower name
40.   Ilima Flower of Oahu
41.   Indigo Deep blue-violet
42.   Iris Rainbow
43.   Ivy Faithfulness
44.   Jacinta Spanish Origin
45.   Jared ‘rose’
46.   Jasmine Delicate and fragrant
47.   Kalei The flower wreath
48.   Kalina  A flower
49.   Kunal Lotus
50.   Lavender Lavanda
51.   Leilani Heavenly flower
52.   Lilac Innocence & Purity
53.   Lillian  Lilian derived from flower name Lily
54.   Lily Innocence
55.   Linnea Name of a small pink flower
56.   Lolanthe Violet
57.   Lotus Carries special meanings
58.   Magnolia Use to referance a girl
59.   Mansi Oplucked Flower
60.   Marguerite Daisy
61.   Marigold Herb of the sun
62.   Marilla Shining Sea
63.   Moss Near a peat bog
64.   Olive Peace
65.   Petal Beautiful
66.   Poppy sleep
67.   Primola First Rose
68.   Primrose First Rose
69.   Ren Water lily
70.   Rose Passion, Innoncence, Friendship
71.   Rosie Fame
72.   Sage Faithfulness
73.   Sorrel Reddish-brown hair
74.   Susan Greaceful lily
75.   Tansy Associated with immorality
76.   Violet Pretty
77.   Willow ‘Willow’
78.   Zaynab Beauty & Grace
79.   Zinnia affection and remembrance
80.   Zaria Rose


The flower inspires relatively popular baby boy names for your little prince. All the names are based on the flowers with expensive and representative of the personalities it reflects.

Baby Names for Boys Meanings
81.   Aaron Mountain of Strength
82.   Abebe Flower, Amharic
83.   Aciano A blue bottle flower
84.   Admon Red peony flower
85.   Aletris Corn grinder
86.   Aloe Gender-neutral name
87.   Anthony Priceless flower
88.   Arnit Beautiful flower
89.   Asciano Elegant flower name
90.   Basil Regal choice for a little boy
91.   Blodwyn Stands for blessed flowers
92.   Bud blossom
93.   Calix Handsome & unique name
94.   Campion Champion: woodland flower
95.   Catkin Nature name, long thin flower cluster
96.   Cedar Home of important Gods
97.   Celandine Referring to bright yellow flower
98.   Chrysanthos Golden flower
99.   Clem Derived from Clematis
100.   Corey From the hollow
101.   Cosmos Unique floral name
102.   Cresento Gold flower
103.   Cristiano Golden flower, the Greek name
104.   Cypress An attractive choice for baby boy
105.   Dandelion Lion’s tooth
106.   Elm Strong and robust
107.   Fern Luch green foliage
108.   Fiore Little flower
109.   Fiorello Colorful flowers
110.   Flax Pale blue color
111.   Fleuri Variation of Florius
112.   Fleury Latin floral
113.   Florent Flowering
114.   Florentino In flower
115.   Florian Flowering
116.   Florin Flower, french
117.   Floris Flowering – dutch
118.   Fox Inspired from the foxglove flowers
119.   Foxglove Fox’s glove
120.   Haruka Flower: blossom
121.   Heath Family of flowering plants
122.   Indigo A deep blue sea
123.   Iris Goddess of Rainbow
124.   Jacek Hyacinth flower
125.   Jacinto Hyacinth
126.   Jared Rose
127.   Jarred Rose: he descends
128.   Kamal Lotus
129.   Ketak A beautiful flower
130.   Lirio Lily
131.   Lotem Brush of golden flowers
Lupin Pertaining to the wolf
Lupine Pertaining to the wolf
Mazus Creeping maze
Nalin Lotus
Narcissus Daffodil
Oleander Playful, Charming
Palash Flowery true
Perez To blossom
Pharez To blossom
Quill Unique attractiveness
Ren Japanese name
Rhodes where roses grow
Roosevelt Field of roses
Rosamel Rose and honey
Rosen Rose, burning bush
Rue Sounds little old fashioned
Shamrock National flower of Ireland
Snapdragon Dragon’s mouth
Tarragon Modern-day charm
Trevor Welsh
Valerian Flowering plant
Vered Rose
Vivendel Honeysuckle flower
Watson Son of Wat
William English name
Yarrow A gender-neutral name
Zahur Flower
Zephyr Dainty and exotic



What is a Good Flower Name?

Some unique flower names are lily, violet, daisy, and rose. All these names are top-ranked names among the top names for girls in the US. Also, these names are popular internationally as well.

What Girl Name Means Flower?

Flora is a name that means flower, and it is derived from the Latin name “Flos,” and the meaning of this name is a flower.

What Boy Name Means Flower?

Here are few names for boys with the meaning of the flower. And, these names are Akhter, Ambuj, Ankur, and Anthony.


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