Top Unique & Traditional Middle Names for Baby Boys

When you are going to be a parent, everyone probably thought about what you would name your baby. So the list of names is a good choice for you to choose a perfect name for a baby. Your baby is on the way and you are stuck? Are overwhelmed? Or have you thought about what his last name is going to be? We know that you are thinking about your very own tiny human’s first name.

However, the middle name tends to be a little an afterthought. That’s really ok, you can choose from thousands of options. And, name your baby after a grandparent, that is always a solid choice. But if you are searching for something more unique and a name that can perfectly fit between the names you’ve chosen. Therefore, we gathered a master list of all ideal options.

Find a fantastic middle name for your little baby boy from this list. Let’s start reading this list:



Middle Names Origins Meanings
Aaron Hebrew origin High Mountain
Adam Hebrew origin Man
Adler German origin Eagle
Adrian Latin origin From Hadira
Aiden Irish origin Little fire
Ajax Greek origin The birdman
Alcott English origin The old cottage
Alexander Greek origin Defender of man
Alfred English origin Magical counsel
Andrew Greek origin Manly and powerful
Bancroft English origin Field of beans
Barlow English origin The bare hillside
Baxter English origin Baker
Benedict Latin origin Blessed
Benito Latin origin Blessed
Benjamin Hebrew origin A favorite son
Bennett English origin Blessed
Blaze Latin origin Stutter
Bodhi Indian origin Awakening
Bradley English origin Broad meadow
Caesar Latin origin Head of hair
Cairo Arabic origin Vistorious
Caleb Hebrew origin Whole heart
Calix Greek origin Very Handsome
Callahan Greek origin The wattled cock
Cameron Scottish origin Crooked nose
Camilo Latin origin Helper to the priest
Campbell Scottish origin Crooked mouth
Carson Scottish origin Son of Carr
Carter English origin Cart user
Dakota American origin Friend and ally
Damian Greek origin To tame
Daniel Hebrew origin God is My judge
Darius Persian Maintains possessions
David Hebrew origin Beloved
Dawson English origin son of David
Declan Irish origin Full of goodness
Demetrius Greek origin Follower of Demeter
Dempsey Irish origin Proud
Derek English origin Ruler of the people
Easton English origin East town
Edgar English origin Wealthy spear
Eduardo Spanish origin Wealthy guard
Edward English origin Wealthy guard
Eli Hebrew origin Ascension
Elias Hebrew origin My god is Yahweh
Elijah Hebrew origin My god is Yahweh
Emery English origin Home Strength
Enoch Hebrew origin Trained, vowed
Eric Scandinavian origin Everlasting ruler
Fairbanks English origin Bank along the pathway
Farifax English origin Blond
Farley English origin Meadow of the sheep
Felix Latin origin Happy and Lucky
Fender English origin From the defender
Fenwick English origin Village on the marsh
Fergus Scottish origin Supreme man, highest choice
Ferris Irish origin A man of iron
Fielder English origin The field
Finn Irish origin Fair
Gabriel Hebrew origin God is my strength
Galen Greek origin Calm
Garner English origin To gather grain
Garrett English origin Spear rule
Garrison English origin Protection
Gatlin English origin Companion
Gavin Welsh origin Little white falcon
George Greek origin Farmer
Giovanni Italian origin God is gracious
Grady Irish origin Descendant of nobility
Hamilton English origin Flat-topped hill
Harley English origin Hare meadow
Harrison English origin Son of Harry
Hartley English origin Stag meadow
Hawk English origin Falcon, bird of prey
Heath English origin Heath
Hendrix English origin Son of Hendrick
Henry English origin Home ruler
Homer Greek origin Pledge, hostage
Hudson English origin Son of Hudd
Ian Scottish origin God is gracious
Isaac Hebrew origin He will laugh
Isaiah Hebrew origin God is salvation
Ivan Salvic God is gracious
Jace American origin To Heal
Jack English origin God is gracious
Jackson English origin Son of Jack
Jacob Hebrew origin Supplanter
James English origin Supplanter
Jameson English origin Son of james
Jarvis French origin Mender of pots and pans
Jason Greek origin To Heal
Kade Scottish origin From the Wetlands
Kane Irish origin Battle
Kirby German origin Settlement by a church
Kirk Scandinavian origin Church
Knox English origin Round hill
Koda American origin Friend
Kylo American origin Sky
Lachlan Irish origin From the lands of lakes
Lance French origin Lancet
Landon English origin Long hill
Laurence Latin origin From Laurentum
Lee English origin Pasture or meadow
Leland English origin Power land
Lennox Scottish origin With my elm trees
Leo Latin origin Lion
Maddox Welsh origin Son of Madoc
Malachi Hebrew origin My messenger
Mann German origin Man
Marlow English origin Driftwood
Marsden English origin Swampy valley
Marshall English origin Caretaker of horses
Mason English origin Stoneworker
Nehemiah Hebrew origin God comforts
Nicholas Greek origin Victory of the people
Noah Irish origin Child of nobility
Norcross English origin From the north cross road
Oliver English origin Olive tree
Onyx Latin origin Precious gemstone
Otto German origin Wealth
Owen Welsh origin Noble born
Parker English origin Keeper of the park
Patrick Latin origin Nobleman
Patton English origin Fighter’s town
Paxon English origin Poecc’s settlement
Paxton English origin Poecc’s settlement
Peter Greek origin Stone
Phoenix Greek origin Dark red
Raiden Japanese origin Thunder and lightening
Randolph German origin Wolf shield
Redmond German origin A variant spelling of Redmund
Reed English origin Red
Reid English origin Red-haired
Rex Latin origin King
Rhett English origin Advice
Robert German origin Bright fame
Samson Hebrew origin Sun
Samuel Hebrew origin Name of God
Sawyer English origin Wood Cutter
Sean Irish origin God is gracious
Sebastian Greek origin Venerable or honorable
Seth Hebrew origin Appointed
Sheldon English origin Steep valley
Silas Latin origin Man of forest
Smith English origin Blacksmith
Steele English origin Like steel
Stephen English origin Crown
Tennessee American origin
Texas American origin Fried
Thatcher English origin Roof thatcher
Theodore Greek origin God’s gift
Thomas Greek origin Twin
Thorne English origin Thorn bush
Travers French origin To cross over
Ulysses Latin origin One who hates
Uriah Hebrew origin My light is jehovah
Vaughn Welsh origin Little
Victor Latin origin Champion
Wade English origin To ford
Watson English origin Son of walter
Wayland English origin Land by the road
Webster English origin Weave
Wesley English origin Western meadow
Weston English origin West town
Wilson English origin Son of William
Xander Greek origin Defender of man
Xannon American origin Ancient God
Xanthos Greek origin Golden haired
Xaviell Spanish origin Bright, splendid, new house
Xavier Spanish origin New house
Xenon Greek origin Guest, host
Zachariah Hebrew origin The Lord recalled
Zaiden American origin Increasing, Surplus
Zane American origin God is gracious




What are Cool Middle Names?

Among lots of middle names Grace, Rose, and Marie are very popular and cool for girls. James, lee, and Michael cool names for boys. Some more cool middle names are Gray, Roux, Marais, Jaz, Lane, and McCoy.

What is the Most Common Middle Name for Boys?

Here are some common middle names for boys such as James, John, William, and Thomas. These names are the top and most popular middle names.

How do You Pick a Middle Name?

Few steps to pick a middle name:

  1. Honor a member of the family
  2. And keep the Maiden name alive
  3. Give a note to your heritage
  4. Choose a meaningful name
  5. Initials
  6. Rhythm
  7. Google it
  8. And, find more middle names

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