Top Alberta Baby Names List of 2021

Every year service of Alberta, the provincial department of this service is responsible for the vital statistics. They publish the list of Alberta’s top baby names list. This list contains all the famous baby girl’s and baby boy’s names. They compiled these names from the birth information provided by the parents of children. And, this list is processed by the department for a particular year.

Alberta also provides some statistical information like birth, marriages, deaths, stillbirths, and legal changes of names. The below list contains all the most popular names of babies in Alberta, by the year. There were many babies born in Alberta last year. Choosing a name for your baby is a very fun and exciting moment.

First of all congratulation to all new parents for having a baby in Alberta. Alberta expecting a new baby child in the future and we are working on it daily to make sure your children have a great name in strong Alberta. And, Alberta has a vibrant place to raise a family.

Few Alberta parents selected names referencing Greek and Roman mythology – Artemis, Apollo, Persephone, Zeus, Juno, Mars, Venus, and Neptune. Here is the list of top Alberta names:


Alberta Baby Boy Names


Names Origin Meanings
Adam Semitic The ground, earth
Aadarsh Sanskrit Ideal, perfect
Adebayo French Greatness, nobility
Adedamola Yoruba Crown has mixed with wealth
Adeeb Arabic Scholar, Littrateur
Adeel Arabic Just, Fair
Adeen Arabic Ruler, Chief
Aden Irish Little Fire
Adeniyi Yoruba King, Crown
Adepa African A good thing
Braden English Barley valley
Bradley English Broad wood
Brady French Birch tree clearing
Brannon Irish Son of Bran
Branson English Son of Brand
Brant German Sword
Brantlee English Sword or fiery torch
Branch Latin Paw extension
Brandon England Beacon hill
Cabael Hebrew Unknown
Cabot French To sail
Cade English Round, Barrel
Caden Arabic Companion or Friend
Caeston England Unknown
Cai Swedish Rejoice
Caide French Round or lumpish
Caiden Arabic Warrior or Fighter
Daya Hebrew Bird of prey
Daycian Irish From the south
Daylen English Supernatural powers
Dayne English Brook
Daynen English Angel
Dayson English Son of David
Dayton English Bright and Sunny Town
Dayvion American Beloved
Ehioma Igbo A beautiful day
Ehsaan Quarnic Kindness, Graciousness
Ehsan Arabic Perfection or excellence
Eian German Iron
Eias Arabic Wolf
Eiden Gaelic Fire
Eidrad Scottish Wealthy Guard
Eitan Hebrew Spiritual strength
Eithan Hebrew Firmness, long-lived
Eisah Islamic Unknown
Fontaine French Fountaine
Ford English River Crossing
Fordahm Scottish Ford & Ham
Forest French Woodsman or woods
Forrest French Woodsman or woods
Foster English Woodsman
Fox English Wild Animal
Francis Latin Frenchman or free man
Franco Italian Frenchman or free man
Frankie Latin Frenchman or free man
Gervais French Unknown
Ghaith Arabic Rain
Ghassan Arabic Youthful, Handsome
Gia Italian God’s Gracious gift
Gian Hebrew God is gracious
Gianluca Italian God is gracious
Gibson English Son of Gilbert
Gilbert German Bright, Famous
Gionni Italian Gracious God
Giovan Hebrew God is gracious
Giovanni Italian God is gracious
Hamilton English Flat-topped hill
Harlow English A hill
Harman German Protector
Harmen German Soldier
Harmonic Latin A fastening or Join
Harold English Army power
Harper Scottish Harp player
Harrison English Son of Harry
Harry German Estate Ruler
Iain Hebrew God is Gracious
Iakovos Hebrew Supplanter
Irvin Scottish Handsome
Isaac Hebrew Laughing
Isaak Hebrew Laughing
Isac Hebrew He will laugh
Isaia Hebrew Lord will Help
Isaiah Biblical Yahweh is Salvation
Irwan Indonesian The astute king
Ibrahim Hebrew Father of many
Jack English God is Gracious
Jackson Irish Son of Jack
Jacob Hebrew To follow, to be behind
Jade Spanish Son of the Colic
Jadon Hebrew God will Judge
Jadrien Christian Blend of 3 names
Jadyn English Precious Stone
Jaedyn English A Thinker
Jaeger German A Hunter
Jaehden Hebrew God will Judge
Lazlo Salvic Glorious Ruler
Lennox Gaelic With many elm trees
Lenny German Brave
Leo German Lion
Lexer Greek Man’s defender
Lexington English Estate of Leaxa
Lexton Fijian Unrelenting Emotion
Lexx Greek Man’s defender or Warrior
Liam German Helmet of will
Linkon English Gift of God
Mackinnon Gaelic Fair born or Fair son
Macklin Scottish Son of the Sea
Mackoy Irish Fire
Maddax Walsh Fortunate
Madix English Son of a Warrior
Madock Welsh Chartiable or benevolent
Martin Roman Empire Of Mars, Warrior
Martinez Iberian Peninsula Son of Martin
Martino Italian Of Mars, Warrior
Marvin Welsh Eminent
Nataeo Hebrew Pure Heart
Natan Hebrew God has given
Nate Hebrew God has given
Nathan Hebrew Gift of god
Natnael Hebrew Gift of God
Niko Salvic Victory of people
Nikolai Salvic Victory of people
Nikolas Greek Victory of people
Nikolay Greek People of Victory
Nikoloz Greek Unknown
Obsa Oromo Patient
Ochalla Arabic First boy in family
Octavian Latin Eighth
Octavius Latin Eighth
Oday Irish Rise, ascend to appear
Olujimi African Given by god
Olias French Unknown
Odin Scandinavian Frenzy, Inspiration
Olivier French Olive Tree
Olson Scandinavian Son of Olof or Ole
Parx American Unknown
Pasha Turkish General
Patricio Latin Partician
Patrick Latin King, ruler
Phoenix Greek Dark Red
Philbert French Dear, Beloved
Philopateer Greek Love of the Father
Philippe French Lover of horses
Parks English Park keeper
Qanit Arabic Obedient, Submissive
Qris German Unknown
Quade German Evil, Malicious
Quaid Czech Leader
Quentin Latin Fifth
Quill Irish Wood
Quillan Irish Cub
Quin French Counsel
Quincy French Estate of fifth son
Quinn Gaelic Counsel
Ray Europe Counselling protector
Rayaan Arabic Watered, Luxuriant
Rayce British Counselor
Rayden Japanese God Spirit
Rayker American Becoming rich
Raylan American Advice, Judgment
Raylum German Protectore, Wise Guardian
Raylyn American Beam of light
Raymond French Counseling protector
Santino Italian Little Saint
Samiel Hebrew God has heard
Samith Arabic Friends, Collected, Quiet
Sammuel Hebrew Name of god
Sammy Hebrew God heard
Samnoel Hebrew Christmas
Sampson Hebrew Sun
Sampuran Hindi omplete, Perfect
Samson Hebrew Sun
Taylor French To cut
Taym Arabic Servant of Allah
Tayseer Arabic Facilitation
Taysen American Unknown
Taysom English Fireband
Tayven Canadian Compassionate servant of God
Tayvin English Gods son
Theo Greek Gift, God
Theoden English King, Prince
Theodore Greek God-given
Ubay Arabic Who refuse the humilation
Udham Hindi One who makes effort
Udhay Hindi Blue Lotus
Ulyses Latin Wounded in the thigh
Umair Quarnic Life
Umar Arabic Long Life
Umer Arabic Life
Unique American Non-gender baby name
Upkar Hindi Beneficence
Vernon English Alder tree
Vettri Hindi Victory
Victor Latin Winner or Conqueror
Vidwat Bengali Most Brilliant
Viggo Scandinavian War
Viktor Latin Victor
Vince Latin Conquering
Vincent Latin Conquering
Vincenzo Italian To Conquer
Watson English Son of Watt
Waylan English Land by the road
Waylon English Land beside the road
Welles English Spring
Wellington American From the wealthy estate
Westen English Western town
Wester German Who lived to west
Westin English Western town
Xander Greek Defending men
Xavi Basque The new house
Xavian Spanish New House
Xavier Arabic Now house
Xian Chinese A Worthy person
Xedrick English Unknown
Xerxes Persian Hero among heroes
Yanis Hebrew Gift of God
Yannick Hebrew God is Gracious
Yaphet Hebrew Comely
Yared Hebrew descent
Yaroslav Salvic Glory of the sun
Yarren Aboriginal Acacia Tree
Yasa Arabic Name of Messenger
Yashneil Hindi Famous, Glorious, Successful
Zaccai Hebrew Just, Fair, Pure
Zaccheus Hebrew Used by parents
Zach Hebrew God remembers
Zacharia Hebrew God remember
Zachary Hebrew God remebers
Zack Hebrew Laughter
Zackaria Hebrew God remembers
Zackary Hebrew God remembers


Here is the list of top Alberta names for girls:

Alberta Baby Girl Names

Names Origin Meanings
Abiegail Hebrew My father is joy
Addalyn American Noble
Addasyn English Child of Adam
Addelyn American Noble
Addi German Noble
Addie German Son of Adam
Addilyn German Noble One
Addley English Gift from above
Addy German Noble
Bahja Urdu Happiness
Bailee English Bailiff
Bailey English berry clearing
Ballam English Smooth, Round
Balsam Jewish Aromatic resin
Banee Sikh Guru’s word
Bani Arabic Children
Banreet Indian Beautiful
Barbara Greek Strange
Capri Italian Island
Capucine French Cowled monk
Cara Irish Beloved, Darling, Loved
Caraline German Free man
Carina Spanish Beloved
Carla Latin Free man
Carleen German Free man
Carley Latin Free man
Carlin Irish Little Champion
Carlynn German Free man
Dexie Latin Skilful, right-handed
Demara Spanish Unknown
Demaris Greek Calf, tame, gentle
Demelza Cornish Fort on the hill
Demi Greek Half
Deni French Follower of Dionysius
Denisa French Follower of Dionysius
Deniz Turkish Sea
Denna British Valley
Eleni Greek Beautiful, light, bright
Elaine Greek Sun ray or shining light
Elaisa Dominican God has Sworn
Elana Hebrew Torch, Beautiful
Elara Greek Strong, Beauty
Elaya Quranic Greatness
Elayna Greek Torch
Elenora Greek Sun ray
Fatra Islamic Freedom
Faustine Latin Fortunate
Fawn French A yound deer
Fay English Fairy
Faya English Fairy
Faye English Fairy
Febe Greek Radiant
Felicia Latin Happy things
Felicity English Happiness
Genessy American Beautiful valley
Gabriella Hungarian Strong man of God
Gaia Greek The earth
Gal Hebrew Father of exaltation
Gala French merrymaking or festivity
Ganeev Hindi Priceless Wealth
Garrett Irish Spear strength
Garzelle Latin Graceful Deer
Gatha Persian Song
Hailee English Hay meadow
Hailey Scottish Hay’s meadow
Hailley England Clearing or meadow
Hailyn Chinese Happiness
Haislee English Gift from god
Haizlee English Gift of god
Hajar Arabic Sunlight
Hannah Hebrew Favour, Grace
Hannahbella Hebrew Gracious, full of grace
Iman Arabic Faith
Imogen Irish Maiden
Imra Arabic Life, Hidden
Inaara Arabic Illumination
Inaaya Arabic Gift of god
Inara Arabic Illuminating
Inaya Arabic Solicitude
Inayah Arabic empathy
Jaleena Spanish Bright light
Jaliana Roman Graceful
Jalissa American Noble natured
Jaliyah Hebrew Ascent
Jamei Hebrew Supplanter
Jameiah Scottish Who rises above
James French Supplanter
Janeen Hebrew God is Gracious
Kabri Arabic Great, Aged, Senior
Kacee Irish Alert, Watchful
Kacey Irish Thorny tree
Kadar Arabic Powerful
Kadence Latin With rhythm
Kadesh Biblical Holiness
Kadian American First, rhythmic flow of sounds
Kadie Greek Pure
Kadiyaa Arabic Early baby, trustworthy
Launa Hawaiian To Meet
Laura Latin Bay laurel plant
Laurain French Kingdom of Lothar
Laurence Latin Man from laurentum
Lauretta Italian Symbol of victory
Lillie Latin Lily
Lawson English Son of lawrance
Lilliana Latin Sumbol of innocence
Madelaine French High tower
Madi English Gift of god
Mada Hebrew Women from Magdala
Madden Irish Son of the hound
Maddison German Daughter of Maud
Maddox English Son of Madoc
Maddy Hebrew Women from Magdala
Nasiya Hebrew Miracle of god
Nastasha Latin Birthday
Natalia Latin Christmas Day
Nataly Salvic Born On Christmas Day
Norah Irish Honor
Navaira Arabic Radiance
Navie English Beautiful bird
Ohemaa African Queen
Olamiposi African My wealth is alot
Olaoluwa Yoruba Wealth of God
Olena Greek Shining light
Olenka Norse Blessed, Holy, Successful
Olenna Greek Torch
Oliana Spanish My God Has Answered
Olive English Olive tree
Palmer French Palm tree
Pamela English All Sweetness
Pandora Greek All Gifted
Paola Latin Small
Pareesa Persian Like a Fairy
Pari Persian Fairy
Paris Greek Wallet
Parker English Park keeper
Qiana African Silky
Queen English Female Royal
Queenie English Women
Quetzal Aztec Precious Flower
Quillyn Irish Unknown
Quincy French Estate of fifth son
Quinley Irish Faithful to pledges
Rabani Arabic Divine, Godly
Rabecca Hebrew Moderator, To Bind
Racha Spanish Gust of wind
Rachael Hebrew Ewe
Rache Hebrew ewe of femal sheep
Radleigh English Meadow of reeds
Rae Hebrew ewe of femal sheep
Raea Hebrew Ewe
Raegan Irish Nobility
Raeka Spanish Beautiful
Saber French Sword
Sabine German Women of the Sabine people
Sabirin American Patient One
Sabreena Latin From the River Severn
Sachi Japanese Child of joy
Sadah Arabic Most Fortunate
Sady Hebrew Princess
Safa Arabic Pure
Tammy Greek Twin
Tamsin English Twin
Tana American Fire or Star goddess
Tanaya Hindi Daughter
Tancy Greek Immortal
Tanelia Hebrew Gift of god
Tania Russian Fairy Queen
Talia Hebrew Gentle dew from heaven
Talyn French Large Claw of a bird of prey
Tamaki Japanese Jewel
Ulochi African Work of God
Uma Sanskrit Splender or tranquiliy
Ume Japanese Plum
Umme Arabic Mother of Sons
Una Latin One, Lamb
Uriapehe Arabic Brave, lion
Valencia Latin Strong or Healthy
Valentina Latin Healthy, Strong
Valeria Italian Brave, Strong
Valiana English One with variant heart
Valora Latin Brave or Courageous
Vamika Hindi Goddes Durga
Vanaya Hebrew God is Gracious
Vanellope Greek A Weaver
Vanessa Greek Butterfly
Winslet English Wine
Winry Welsh Blessed
Wada Japanese Harmonious rice paddy
Wakana Japanese Harmony, Music, Complete
Wali Urdu Loyalty and Faith
Xandra Greek Man’s defender
Xanthal English Gods gift
Xaria American Melody
Xavia Arabic Bright or splendid
Xayah Turkish Sincere
Xena Greek Guest, Daughter
Xenia Greek Hospitable
Xia Chinese Glow of the Sunrise
Xiana Scottish Fairy of the Forest
Yostina Amharic Gods gift
Yoanna Hebrew God is Gracious
Yohana Hebrew God has favored me
Yolana Greek Purple Flower
Yolanda Greek Violet
Yoliana Latin Jupiter’s Child
Yonina Hebrew Dove
Zakaiah Hebrew Pure
Zakia Hebrew Pure
Zalie American Dry
Zamaya African Gift of God
Zana Salvic God is Gracious
Zaniel Hebrew Judged by God
Zanna Hebrew Lilly
Zanoobia Greek Life of Zeus


Is Alberta a Girl Name?

Yes, Alberta has pronounced it as a girl name. And, this name has belonged to the Old German origin. The meaning of this name is Noble, bright, and famous.

What is the Nickname for Alberta?

She was named after Princess Louise Caroline Alberta. This name was established as the provisional district of the North West Territories. And then the name was maintained when Alberta officially became a province.

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