One Syllable Names for Baby Boy & One Syllable Names for Baby Girl

Suppose you want the change to keep your baby name by having a unique name. There are different names from various origins. Longer names are not in trend. You can use One Syllable Names for Baby boys and girls. The best thing you can enjoy is the ease of calling your baby’s name.

Naming your baby with a one-syllable name is not a bad idea because it gives a sense of fun-loving and uniqueness. Over time, trends have changed, and new things just took place to alter the previous notions. So, going with the flow always makes you feel happy. Your baby boy or baby girl’s name must be different, trendy, and suitable for his personality.

We have to list various one-syllable names for baby boys and one-syllable baby girl names for that sake. Let’s check them out to pick up the best one for your tiny pal.

One-Syllable Names Baby Boy

Names                      Meaning

  1. Ace              Highest rank
  2. Áed              Fire
  3. Al                 Bright noble
  4. Alp               Hero
  5. An                Heaven
  6. Arn              Eagle
  7. Ask              Ash tree
  8. Baer            Bright
  9. Bart             Son of Talmai
  10. Bear            Brown one
  11. Beau/Bo    Beautiful
  12. Biff             Strike
  13. Bill             Desire
  14. Bor             Son, born
  15. Boyce         Wood
  16. Brad            Broad clearing
  17. Bran            Raven
  18. Brant           Sword
  19. Brent           Hill
  20. Brice/Bryce Speckled
  21. Brooks          Lives near brook
  22. Bruce            From Brix
  23. Burke            Fortress
  24. Butch            Masculine
  25. Cain             Possessed
  26. Cal                Bald
  27. Cash             Case
  28. Cayde/Cade Round
  29. Ceel               Male
  30. Chance          Falling
  31. Chi                 God
  32. Chip              Similar to father
  33. Clark             Priest
  34. Clay               Works with clay
  35. Clint              River Glyme settlement
  36. Cole               Charcoal
  37. Colt               Young male horse
  38. Cree              Native American tribe
  39. Crew             Group working together
  40. Cruz              Cross
  41. Dale              Lives near valley
  42. Dan               He who judges
  43. Dane             From Denmark
  44. Dax               From Dax
  45. Doc               Doctor
  46. Drake           Dragon
  47. Duff              Dark
  48. Dutch           German
  49. Dwyn           Meaning unknown
  50. Earl              Nobleman
  51. Ford             Shallow water
  52. Freyr            Lord
  53. Fulk             People
  54. Garth          Garden
  55. Gene            Wellborn
  56. Giles            Young goat
  57. Grey/Gray Color name
  58. Guy             Wood
  59. Hal              Home ruler
  60. Hale            Retreat
  61. Hank           Home ruler
  62. Hart             Strong
  63. Hayes          Fence
  64. Heath          Lives on heath
  65. Hoss            Large, respected man
  66. Ing               Ancestor
  67. Jace             To heal
  68. Jair              My light
  69. Jake             Supplanter
  70. James         Cheater
  71. Job              He who cries
  72. Joel             He who commands
  73. John            Mercy of the Lord
  74. Josh             Yahweh is salvation
  75. Jove             Sky father
  76. Jude             Praise of the Lord
  77. Kemp          Champion
  78. Kid               Young goat
  79. Kirk             Church
  80. Leith           Damp
  81. Llyr             The sea
  82. Luke            Luminous
  83. Mack/Mac Son, man
  84. Mark           Polite
  85. Mars           Male
  86. Miles          Soldier
  87. Mot             Death
  88. Njord          Strong
  89. Ode             Fortune
  90. Pace            Peace
  91. Paul            Small
  92. Pierce         Stone
  93. Price/Pryce Son of Rhys
  94. Psalm          Sacred song
  95. Ra                 Sun
  96. Rafe             Counsel wolf
  97. Reed/Reid  Red
  98. Rex               King
  99. Rhett             Advice
  100. Rhys/Reese Enthusiasm
  101. Rise               Go higher
  102. Roy                Red
  103. Saul               Demanded
  104. Seth               Who puts
  105. Shams           Sun
  106. Shane            Yahweh is gracious
  107. Sharps           Pointed ends
  108. Shaw             Thicket
  109. Shem            Renown
  110. Sid                Wide island
  111. Sir                 Respected man
  112. Sixte             Polished
  113. Slate             Hard, smooth rock
  114. Spike            With spiky hair
  115. Stan              Stone clearing
  116. Stone            Small rock
  117. Tane             Man
  118. Tate             Unknown meaning
  119. Teague        Poet
  120. Thane          Servant
  121. Thor             Thunder
  122. Thoth          Meaning unknown
  123. Trey             Three
  124. Tripp           Journey
  125. Troy            From Troyes
  126. Vance         Marsh
  127. Vince          To conquer
  128. Vint             Finch
  129. Wade          To go
  130. Ward          Guard
  131. Zack/Zach Yahweh remembers
  132. Zane           God is gracious
  133. Zed             Justice
  134. Zeus           Shine, sky

One-Syllable Names Baby Girl

Names                      Meaning

  1. Anne      Grace
  2. Bay         Berry
  3. Bea         Berry
  4. Belle       Beautiful
  5. Beth       Pledged to God
  6. Blaire     Dweller on the plain
  7. Blanche White
  8. Blake      Fair-haired, dark
  9. Blue        Color name
  10. Blythe    Happy, care-free
  11. Brae       Strength or exalted one
  12. Bree       Strength or exalted one
  13. Britt       High goddess
  14. Brooke  Small stream
  15. Bryn      Hill
  16. Cass      Shining or excelling man
  17. Cher     Beloved
  18. Claire   Bright, clear
  19. Dawn   Word name
  20. Dee       Divine
  21. Dot       Gift of God
  22. Dove     Name of a bird
  23. Elle       She,originated from French origin
  24. Eve       Life
  25. Faith    Virtue name
  26. Fawn    A young deer
  27. Fay       Fairy
  28. Fern     Bold voyager
  29. Fleur    Flower
  30. Flo       Flower
  31. Flor     Flower
  32. Frost   Freezing
  33. Gayle  My father is joyful
  34. Gem   Precious stone
  35. Grace Virtue name
  36. Gwen White circle
  37. Hope  Virtue name
  38. Jade   Stone of the side
  39. Jai      Jaybird
  40. Jan    God is gracious
  41. Jane  God is gracious
  42. Jazz   Gift from God
  43. Jenn  White shadow, white wave
  44. Jill      Youthful
  45. Joan   God is gracious
  46. Joy     Marry, bliss, glory
  47. Joyce  Merry, joyous
  48. Jules   Youthful, soft, downy
  49. June   Month named for goddess Juno
  50. Kat      Pure, derived from Greek origin
  51. Kay     Belong to English origin which means Pure
  52. Kim    Cyneburga’s meadow
  53. Kit      Pure
  54. Lane   a small roadway or path
  55. Lark   English bird name
  56. Leigh Pasture, meadow
  57. Liv      Life, originated from Norse origin
  58. Liz      Pledged to God
  59. Lu       Renowned warrior
  60. Luz     Light
  61. Lynn  Lake
  62. Mae    Bitter or pearl
  63. Maeve She who intoxicates
  64. Mai      Coyote
  65. Mar      Sea, originated from Latin origin
  66. Maude Battle-mighty
  67. Meg      Pearl
  68. Nell      Bright, shining one
  69. Neve    Snow, originated from Irish or Italina origin
  70. Noor    Light, from Arabic origin
  71. Paige   Page to a lord
  72. Pam    All honey
  73. Pearl   Latin gem name
  74. Peg      Pearl
  75. Prue    Caution- a virtue name
  76. Quinn Descendent of Conn
  77. Rae      Ewe, belongs to English origin
  78. Rain    Word name
  79. Reese  Ardor
  80. Rose    Name of a flower
  81. Rue      Herb, regret
  82. Ruth    Compassionate friend
  83. Sage    Wise, herb name
  84. Shae    Stately, gift
  85. Shawn God is gracious
  86. Skye     Scottish place-name
  87. Sloane Raider
  88. Snow   English word name
  89. Sol       Sun, of Spanish origin
  90. Star   Word name
  91. Sue      Lily
  92. Tate    Cheerful
  93. Tess    To harvest
  94. Thi      Poetry, poem, verse
  95. True   Word name
  96. Val      Battle heroine
  97. Vale    Strength, health
  98. Viv      Life
  99. Wren English bird name nature
  100. Wynn Fair, pure


What is a one-syllable name?
One syllable name has a single and unbroken sound when it is spoken. It is short and only gives a single sound because it has one vowel along with consonants.

Why go with One-Syllable Words?
Time changes and things modify because of new additions. Short names for babies have been in trend because people prefer short names and avoid using longer names. One-syllable names are easy to call and seem more trendy.

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