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Norwegian Names For Boys


Naming your little one is fascinating because you have waited for nine months to have your baby. All parents love their offspring and deliver their love through naming, raring, educating, and supporting them throughout life. That is why, in the first step, you have to give the best name to your new and lovely guest. So, deciding a name for your little boy is a unique and happier thing that can make you feel the joy of being a parent.


So, it is your responsibility to give him a perfect, suitable, and unique name that makes a new place for him in your life and society at the same time. Parents try to give unique names to the babies to make them memorable from others. But, that doesn’t seem easy when you are looking from the same region. That is why the trend has been changed, and people started to name from various other regions to give a peculiarity to their baby boy’s names. You can name your baby with Norwegian Names For Boys. They are trendy, classy, unique, and lovable. Check out the names and their meanings in this article for information.

Norwegian Names For Boys
Norwegian Names For Boys
No. Name Meaning
1 Aksel Peace of the father
2 Alaksander Defender of man
3 Ansgar Spear of God
4 Asbjorn God of bears
5 Asmund Divine protection
6 Bard Battle against peace
7 Birgir One who helps
8 Bjarni Bear
9 Bjarte Bearman
10 Brynjar Warrior in armor
11 Casper King of treasure
12 Christen Christian man
13 Dag Day
14 Dagfin Man from Finland
15 Edvard Healthy guard
16 Edvin Rich or healthy friend
17 Egil Respect, horror
18 Einar One who fights alone
19 Eindride One who rides alone
20 Eirik King forever
21 Endre One who is riding alone
22 Enok Dedicated or faithful
23 Erlend Outsider and foriegner
24 Erling Nobleman offspring
25 Esben God of bears
26 Folke From the people
27 Frans French man
28 Fredrick Calm monarch
29 Fritjof One who steals peace
30 Geir Man with a spear
31 Georg Farming man
32 Gjurd Peaceful and good
33 Godtfred Peaceful and good
34 Goran Farming man
35 Gregers Awake or watchful
36 Gudbrand Sword of the divine
37 Gudmund God is protecting
38 Gulbrand Sword of the divine
39 Gunne Army
40 Hakon The highest son
41 Halstein Stony rock
42 Halvard Defending the rock
43 Halvdan Half Danish person
44 Halvor Defending the rock
45 Harald Powerful man in the army
46 Havardr The highest guardian
47 Hemming Changing shapes
48 Herleif Warrior descendent
49 Hjalmar Fighter with a helmet
50 Holger Island of spears
51 Ingolf Ing’s wolf
52 Jarle Nobleman
53 Jorg Farming man
54 Jorgen Farming man
55 Jorn Farming man
56 Kare Curvy
57 Kennet Handsome one
58 Kjell Large pot
59 Lasse City of laurels
60 Laurits City of laurels
61 Mats God’s present
62 Mikkel Which man is like God?
63 Niklas People’s triumph
64 Nils People’s triumph
65 Osvald God’s rule
66 Peder Rock
67 Peer Rock
68 Pontus Of the sea
69 Rasmus Dear or dearest
70 Rolf Legendary wolf
71 Ruben See my son
72 Salomon Peace
73 Sigurd Guiding the victory
74 Stefan Man with crown
75 Steffen Man with crown
76 Stigr Route
77 Svante Celebrating people
78 Torbjorn Bear of Thor
79 Tore Fighter of Thor
80 Torvald The rule of Thor
81 Trygve Worth of trust
82 Tiril The alluring sounds
83 Tollak The play or game of weapons by Thor
84 Torben The bear of the thunder God
85 Torbjorg The help or protection by the thunder God
86 Torbjorn The bear of Thor
87 Tordis The God who controls the thunder
88 Torhild The battle of thunder god
89 Torild The battle or war or Thor Unisex
90 Torill Thunder God’s battle
91 Torjus The arrow or shaft or Thor
92 Trond To thrive and grow, always increasing
93 Trygg Refers to protection or shelter or shield
94 Trygve A person who overcomes as a winner by his braveness
95 Ulf Wolf man
96 Ulrik Rich heritage
97 Valter Army rule
98 Vidar Fighter in the woods
99 Vilhelm Strong mind and protection
100 Willamar Known for strong will



Can I Name My Boy With A Norwegian Name?

Well, it is totally up to your choice that what you feel good for your tiny pal. You can name with any name that you found best for your baby boy.

How To Have The Norwegian Names For Boys?

There is a different option that offers you a wide range of Norwegian names for boys. You can check them in a book, online services, and explore the helpful articles with Norwegian names, especially for boys.


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