Musical Boy Names With Their Meanings

Musical Boy Names List

If you are expecting and looking to welcome your baby, then have you settle things? Did you select the name? It might take time because parents usually have their own choices that may cause arguments, but there are many names that you can use for your little pal. Have you ever thought about musical boys’ names? Well, Musical boy names are in trend due to their uniqueness and inspiration of music.

They are different, lyrical, sounds lovely, and fun-loving when you call your little champ. They are getting more popular among the parents who love music and want to name their kids with the same inspiration. In this era, parents are more creative and looking forward to peculiarity. Musical baby boy names are more appeasing to hear and easy to call out.

Musical Boy Names With Their Meanings
Musical Boy Names With Their Meanings

That is why most parents loved to have musical boys’ names on different instruments, songs, stars’ names, and many more. You can also pick it up one of the below. You can have Toggled the underneath musical boys’ names to have the best one for your little love.


No. Name Meaning
1 Adele Belong to Germanic Origin that means nobility and also the name of a famous British musical singer
2 Ariana Holy with ‘Ari’ being another variation
3 Amadeus Love-god and also the name of the famous composer Mozart
4 Alejandro a variation of Alexander, a very powerful name for born leaders
5 Allegro a musical term meaning ‘to be performed at a quick speed
6 Alto one of the names taken from the highest adult male singing voice
7 Arabesque Melodies used to create Arabic atmosphere
8 Aria A melody that is sung solo
9 Banjo a type of guitar
10 Beck Brook or stream
11 Bell creates a beautiful sound
12 Beyonce Beyond others and also the name of a popular US music pop singer, beautiful for a girl
13 Billie A nickname for William and after Billie Holiday
14 Bob Bright fame, not forgetting Baby Marley
15 Bowie Yellow Haired” not forgetting David Bowie
16 Brio lively music
17 Cadence a melodic framework that creates a feeling of resolution
18 Calypso A style of music from the West Indies
19 Calliope A large wind musical instrument
20 Cantata a piece of music with a narrative
21 Cappella singing without instruments
22 Caprice a lively piece of music
23 Carol named after a Christmas Carol
24 Cash a baby name after popular music legend Johnny Cash
25 Celeste Meaning heavenly in French
26 Cello The bass instrument of the violin family
27 Chanson Chanson means ‘song’ in French
28 Concert a live musical performance
29 Coolio a unique baby name after the music star Coolio
30 Delilah Delilah has become a very popular musical name used by Queen, Tom Jones, or Plain White T’s
31 Diva one of the sassy names meaning female opera singer
32 Dolly a musical baby name after Dolly Parton
33 Drake strong musical name is thought to be originated from the term Draca which also means dragon
34 Drummer Someone that plays the drums
35 Dusty A musical girl name made popular by the fantastic Dusty Springfield
36 Elvis After the King of Rock and Roll and from the term ‘All Wise’
37 Etude A short musical composition
38 Fantasia An improvised musical composition
39 Fernando Originating from the term adventurous and bold journey, famous due to its association with ABBA song
40 Fife Unisex name is the name of a small high-pitched wind instrument
41 Fitzgerald The Son of Gerald’, this name now has musical meaning from Ella Fitzgerald
42 Frankie Means free and honest
43 Freddie Peaceful ruler and the name of one of the greatest frontman of all time, Freddie Mercury
44 Gig Alive music performance
45 Grace A type of musical notation
46 Gwen The name of popstar Gwen Stefani meaning ‘white and holy’
47 Harmony A harmony is two different notes, sung or played simultaneously
48 Harp A beautiful unique stringed instrument
49 Harper Someone who plays the harp
50 Harrison This name quite literally means Harry’s Son
51 Hendrix The name of one of the greatest guitarists of all time Jimmy Hendrix, meaning ‘Hendrik’s Son’
52 Jagger A unique baby name after Mick Jagger, meaning ‘huntsman’
53 Jazz A genre of music
54 Joel From Billy Joel
55 Keith There are lots of musical Keiths, including one of the popular star names Keith Richards
56 Lennon A name perfect for those who like The Beatles and John Lennon
57 Lyric The words of a song
58 Madonna Italian origin name that means, my lady
59 Mandolin A type of lute
60 Marimba A deep-toned xylophone
61 Maxwell From the popular Beatles song
62 Melody A pleasant tune created by a series of notes
63 Miley Named after popstar Miley Cyrus, meaning ‘merciful’
64 Minuet A slow ballroom dance
65 Opera A genre of classical music
66 Piano One of the most famous instruments of all time
67 Piper Someone who plays the pipe
68 Prince Named after Music Legend Prince
69 Quartet A group of four singers that usually sing in harmony
70 Raga A classical Indian melodic framework
71 Reed A thin strip of material used for some instruments
72 Rhapsody In musical terms, a Rhapsody is a free-flowing musical piece that is episodic and integrated
73 Rihanna Named after popstar Rihanna
74 Rock The genre of music
75 Rondo A musical form
76 Serenade A song played in the open air
77 Selah A musical direction in the Hebrew Bible
78 Sinatra The last name of Frank Sinatra
79 Sonata Comes from the word ‘Sonare’, the Italian word for ‘sound’
80 Strummer Someone who strums a guitar
81 Symphony A long orchestral composition
82 Tango A popular dance originating in Buenos Aires
83 Taylor Named after Taylor Swift
84 Tempo The pace of a song
85 Toccata A keyboard music composition
86 Viola A slightly larger and deeper version of the violin



What About Musical, Boy’s Names?

Music boy’s names are many around you. They are really soothing and quite lyrical to call out for your baby. You can also found these names for girls. There is a trend of naming kids with different inspirations. This inspiration also rocks all across the globe.

What Are The Rarest Musical Boy Names?

You may found infinite, but some of the most unique and different are:

  • Allegra
  • Aria
  • Cadence
  • Harmony
  • Melody
  • Sonata
  • Viola

You can choose one of the names to make your kid more special with musical boy names.

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