Most Popular and unique Quebec Baby Names

The word Québec means where the river narrows. This is derived from the Algonquin or Ojibwe word. It is associated with Quebec City, which is near to the Saint Lawrence River. And if you want to have the Quebec baby names for your babies, give it a try because you may find a blend of history and culture in each name.

This city has a strong and rich history which attracts people to its region and makes them feel comfortable. The culture, architecture, civilization, and structure of this city are unique and mesmerizing.

It is a walled city found in North America, North of Mexico. This is found in 1608 and officially recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1985 due to its French Canadian culture, cobblestone streets, stone buildings, fortifications, and many other things.

People of this city speak French, which also reflects in the names. Its food, festivals, and visiting places make it the most visited place in the world. Now, if you want to use the names from this origin for your baby, then it is not a bad deal at all. We have made an effort by making a

list of Quebec baby names for girls and boys. Check it out to get the best one for your baby.



Quebec Baby Girls Names

Names                                              Meaning

  1. Abby                                     My father’s joy
  2. Abigaelle                             Joy of the father
  3. Adele                                  Nobility, originated from German origin
  4. Agathe                               Good
  5. Alexia                                 Defender of man
  6. Alice                                    Noble, light
  7. Alicia                                   Nobility
  8. Alycia                                   Noble-kind
  9. Alyssa                                  Noble, English origin
  10. Amelia                               Work, industrious, striving
  11. Anais                                  Grace
  12. Anna                                   Favor or grace or beautiful
  13. Annabelle                          Beauty favored grace
  14. Arielle                                Lion of God
  15. Aurelie                               Golden
  16. Aya                                      Sword
  17. Beatrice                         Voyager and blessed
  18. Camille                         Attendant
  19. Charlie                         Freeman, the nickname of Charles
  20. Charlotte                         Freeman
  21. Chloe                          Blooming, green shoot on a plant or flower
  22. Coralie Coral,           derived from the Latin word coralium
  23. Clara                          Clear, bright, famous
  24. Clemence                  Mercy
  25. Delphine                  Women from Delphi
  26. Elena                         Sunray or shining light
  27. Eleonore                   Shining light
  28. Eliane                       God has answered
  29. Elizabeth                 My God is an oath or My God is an abundance
  30. Ellie                          Shining light
  31. Elodie                       Marsh flower
  32. Eloise                       Healthy, wide
  33. Emilie                     Rival
  34. Emily                  Striving, eager
  35. Emma               Whole or universal
  36. Emma-              Rose Power and wealth
  37. Emy Universal, whole and eager, industrious or ambitious
  38. Estelle                               Star
  39. Eva                                     Living, a variation of Eve
  40. Eve Living
  41. Evelyne Life, from Norman origin
  42. Flavie Blonde, originated from Roman origin
  43. Florence                         Blossoming, flourishing
  44. Gabrielle God is my strong man, man of God
  45. Jade                                     Stone of the bowels
  46. Jasmine Flower name, gift from God
  47. Jeanne Yahweh is Gracious, derived from Joanna
  48. Julia Youthful or Jove’s child
  49. Juliette                         Downy beared, From the Latin Julianus
  50. Justine Fair or just
  51. Kayla Slim and fair
  52. Laura Bay laurel plant
  53. Laurence                         From Laurentus which is a town in ancient Italy
  54. Laurie Laurel or sweet bay tree, symbol of victory
  55. Layla Night, dark
  56. Lea                             Weary, from Hebrew origin
  57. Leane                         Grace, of the clearing
  58. Leanne Twine around
  59. Leonie Lioness, feminine given name
  60. Lexie Man’s defender
  61. Lily Pure, passion
  62. Lily-Rose Horse, fame
  63. Lina Light, a ray of sunlight or beautiful girl
  64. Livia Life, Latin origin
  65. Lyvia                         Life
  66. Maeva                        Welcome, French origin
  67. Maelie                         Princess, from Breton origin
  68. Maely                           Princess
  69. Magalie                         Pearl
  70. Maika                              Who is like God
  71. Margot                             Pearl, variant of Greek name
  72. Marianne                         Star of the sea
  73. Mathilde                           Might, strength
  74. Maya                                  Illusion or magic
  75. Megan                               Great, mighty
  76. Megane                              Pearl
  77. Melodie                             Song, music
  78. Mia                                     Bitter, derived from Scandinavian
  79. Mila                      Gracious or dear
  80. Noemie               Good, pleasant, lovely, winsome
  81. Oceane                 From the ocean
  82. Olivia                    Olive tree, derived from a Latin name
  83. Ophelie                 Help, Greek origin
  84. Raphaelle             God heals, Hebrew origin name
  85. Romane                Citizen of Rome
  86. Romy                     Roman or from Rome, Latin name
  87. Rosalie                   Rose, French version of Rose
  88. Sara                        Lady, princess, noblewoman
  89. Sarah                      Noblewomen, lady, princess
  90. Simone                   He has heard or God had heard
  91. Sofia                        Wisdom, the Greek name
  92. Stella Star,             of Latin and Italian origin
  93. Victoria                  To conquer, Latin Vincere
  94. Yasmine                 Flower name
  95. Zoe                          Life, from the Greek name
  96. Zoey                        Life


Quebec Baby Boys Names

Names                                  Meaning

Adam                                     Earth, general term for man

Adrien                                   Holy fire

Aiden                                     Fire

Albert                                     Noble and bright

Alex                                        Man’s defender, warrior

Alexandre                             Man’s defender or warrior

Alexis                                     Noble, gift, Derived from Old French Adelais

Ali                                           Elevated or champion

Anthony                                Priceless one

Antoine                                 Priceless, flower, and Female form of Anthony

Antoine                                 Highly praise-worthy

Arnaud                                  Eagle, leader, or power

Arthur                                   Bear or Thor, the eagle

Axel                                        Father is peace

Ayden                                    Fire, Gaelic origin

Benjamin                              Son of the south or son of my old age

Benjamin                              Son of the right

Caleb                                      Faithful, wholehearted, bold, brave

Charles                                  Free man, comes from the Germanic word ceorl

Damien                                 Tame, subdue

Daniel                                    God is my judge

David                                     To boil, beloved

Dylan                                     Son of the sea, son of the wave

Edouard                                Wealthy Guardian, from French origin

Eli                                            The high priest in the Books of Samuel

Elias                                        The Lord is my God

Elliot                                       With Strength and Right or Bravely and Truly

Elliot                                       With Strength and Right

Eloi                                         Chosen

Emile                                      Rival, From the Roman surname Aemilius

Enzo                                       Winner

Ethan                                     Firm, enduring, strong, and long-lived

Etienne                                  Garland, crown

Evan                                       Youth or young warrior

Felix                                        Lucky or fortunate, Latin word

Gabriel                                  Man of God

Hayden                                 Hedged valley

Henri                                      Home ruler

Hubert                                   Hug, mind, bright

Hugo                                      Mind

Isaac                                       Laughter

Jack                                        God Is Gracious or Supplanter

Jackson                                 God has been gracious

Jacob                                     Heel, Supplanter

Jake                                        Supplanter

James                                     Supplanter

Jayden                                   Thankful or God will judge

Jordan                                   Descend or flow down

Jules                                       Youthful, soft, downy

Julien                                     Jove’s child

Justin                                     Just, fair

Laurent                                 The bright and shining one

Leo                                         Lion, derived from Latin name

Leon                                       Lion

Leonard                                Lion strength, lion-strong

Liam                                       Derived from helmet

Logan                                     Little cove or small hollow, Scottish Gaelic

Loic                                         Famed Warrior

Loik                                        Famed Warrior

Louis                                     Famous warrior

Louka                                     Light, bringer of light

Luca                                       Sacred wood

Lucas                                      Bright’ or ‘shining

Ludovic                                 Famous warrior or famous fighter

Lyam                                      Protection

Malik                                      Owner, king

Matheo                                 Gift of God

Mathias                                 Gift of God

Mathis                                   Gift of God

Matteo                                  Gift of god

Maverick                              Independent, nonconformist

Maxence                               Greatest

Mayson                                 Stoneworker

Michael                                 Who is like God

Milan                                     Kind, loving, and gracious

Nathan                                  Giver, originated from Hebrew

Nicolas                                   Victory of the people

Noah                                      Rest, comfort

Nolan                                     Champion

Olivier                                    Olive tree, Latin name

Philippe                                 Horse lover

Raphael                                 God has healed

Raphael                                 God has healed

Rayan                                     Smart, wise or thinker

Ryan                                       Little king

Sam                                        God has heard

Samuel                                  God has heard

Theo                                       Brave people

Theodore                              God’s gift

Thomas                                 Twin, form of the Teoma

Tom                                        Innocence, naivety, and simplicity

Tristan                                   Noise, clatter, bold

Tyler                                       Doorkeeper of an inn

Victor                                     Winner or conqueror

Vincent                                  Conquering, winning

William                                  Resolute protector

Xavier                                                Bright, splendid, new house

Zachary                                 God remembers

Zack                                       God remembers

Zackary                                 The Lord recalled


How to choose the best Quebec Baby Names?

Well, having the best and most beloved name for your baby is another thing. You can choose the Quebec Baby Names for your baby to make them feel unique and different.

What are the most popular names for baby girls and baby boys?

A vast range of names can be used for your baby girls and boys from Quebec Baby Names. Some of the popular names are:

  • Alice
  • Emma
  • Zoe
  • Romy
  • Rosalie
  • Mia

And so on. You can take a keen look at all the Quebec names and have them for your beloved babies.


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