Mesmerizing Goddess Names For Girls

Your baby is the blessing of God that makes you feel complete. All the worries and issues vanished away within a few seconds when you have a look at your baby kid. Moreover, it is really important to have the goddess names for girls and make them feel special.
There are different types of Goddesses with their associated power. Ranging from German, Roman, Greek to many other Goddesses, you may find various kinds for naming your little goddess. We have to give you a whole idea about the names of these goddesses and the meaning.
These names have a great and amazing name that you can enjoy for naming your girl. Naming your little girl with Goddess’s name will add the grace, power, and retouch of that grandeur. So, let us check out the list of these names for a better idea.

Goddess Names For Girls

Names                                              Meaning

  • Aine  An early Celtic goddess of summer
  • Alala War Goddess
  • Alectrona Goddess of the sun, from Greek origin
  • Alethea Goddess of truth
  • Amalthea  A nymph who nursed the infant Zeus
  • Anahita Name of the water or river Goddess
  • AndartaWarrior goddess of victory
  • Anaisa Goddess of love, money, and happiness
  • Anjea Fertility goddess
  • Antheia Goddess of gardens, flowers, swamps, and marshes
  • Aphea Goddess of the island of Aegina
  • Aphrodite Goddess of love
  • Ariadne Goddess of fertility, most holy
  • Artemis Goddess of the hunt, wilderness, animals, childbirth, and a protector
  • Asteria Goddess of the stars
  • Astraea Goddess of justice
  • Atalanta Warrior Goddess, could run faster than the fastest man
  • Athena Goddess of wisdom, warfare, handicrafts, mathematics, and courage
  • Aura  Titan of the breeze
  • Aurora Goddess of sunrise whose tears turned into the morning dew
  • Bia The goddess of force and raw energy
  • Brigid Goddess of fire
  • Calliope Muse of epic poetry
  • Calypso Sea nymph who detained Odysseus on the island of Ogygia
  • Ceres Goddess of the harvest
  • Ceridwen Goddess of poetry, though less-than-poetic name,
  • Chandra Goddess of the moon
  • Chloe Young green shoot, Goddess of agriculture and fertility
  • Clemencia Goddess of forgiveness and mercy
  • Clio Muse of history
  • Concordia Goddess of peace
  • Cora Epithet of Persephone, goddess of fertility and the underworld
  • Coventina Goddess of the sacred waters
  • Cybele Goddess of caverns, mountains, nature and wild animals
  • Cynthia Epithet for Artemis or Diana
  • Dalia Goddess of fate
  • Demetria Ancient earth goddess
  • Devi Goddess
  • Diana Goddess of the hunt and wild animals
  • Doris Sea nymph whose name represented the bounty of the sea
  • Eachna Goddess renowned for her beauty, brains and stylishness
  • Eileithya Goddess of childbirth
  • Eithne Goddess from Irish mythology
  • Electra One of the seven Pleiades
  • Enid Celtic goddess, life, spirit
  • Eudora Generous gift
  • Euterpe Muse of music and lyric poetry
  • Fauna Goddess of the earth
  • Flora Goddess of flowers
  • Freya Goddess of love, beauty, fertility, war, wealth, divination and magic
  • Gaia Goddess of the Earth and prophecy
  • Harmona Goddess of harmony and concord
  • Hera Goddess of marriage and birth, Queen of the Olympians
  • Hemera Goddess of the daytime and daylight
  • Hestia Goddess of the hearth and home
  • Holle Goddess of the sky and weather
  • Idony Goddess of spring and eternal youth
  • Inanna Goddess of love, war, and fertility
  • Iris Goddess of the rainbow and messenger to the gods
  • Irene Goddess of peace
  • Isis Goddess of life and magic
  • Jaya Victory, Buddhist goddess
  • Juno Queen of the heavens
  • June Month named for goddess Juno
  • Kali Goddess of death and rebirth
  • Kianda Goddess of the sea and of fisherman, a mermaid
  • Lakshmi Goddess of abundance, beauty, and prosperity
  • Levana Goddess of the moon
  • Lissa   Supreme mother goddess
  • Luna Goddess of the moon
  • Maia Goddess of fields
  • Marina Goddess of the moon
  • Minerva Goddess of wisdom, medicine and crafts
  • Nephele Name of a Goddess made from cloud
  • Nixie Tribe of childbirth goddesses
  • Niamh   Bright, daughter of the sea God
  • Ostara Goddess of the Spring
  • Parvati Goddess of love and devotion
  • Persephone The queen of the harvest
  • Phoebe Phoebe is linked to the oracle of Delphi
  • Polyhymnia Muse of sacred poetry, sacred hymn, dance, and eloquence
  • Pomona Goddess of fruiting trees and gardens
  • Rhea The ancient Titan Earth Goddess
  • Rhiannon Goddess of fertility, linked with the moon, night and death
  • Sabrina Legendary Celtic goddess
  • Saranya Goddess of dawn and the clouds
  • Selene Titan personification of the moon
  • Seren Star or sail mast, goddess of the hot springs
  • Sunna Goddess of the sun
  • Thalia Goddess of comedy and pastoral poetry
  • Theia Goddess of sight
  • Thora Thunder Goddess
  • Uma Name of a Hindu Goddess
  • Varda Rose, pink
  • Venus Goddess and love and beauty
  • Vesta Guardian of the sacred flame
  • Yara Brazaliian Goddess, small butterfly
  • Yavana Yew word
  • Zaria Goddess of battle
  • Ziva Fertility goddess


What girl name means goddess?

There are various names around you that you can have for your baby girl. Having the Goddess names for girls is a perfect option because they make your lovely girl feel more special. All these names have various names from different origins.

Who are the 12 goddesses’ names for girls?

Some names of Goddesses that you can name your girl. Here are a few names of the Goddesses such as Zeus, Hera, Athena, Apollo, Poseidon, Ares, Artemis, Demeter, and many others.

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