Latest Cute Rainbow Baby Names with their Meanings

Every couple wants to be a parent. And, every child is special and every newborn human has the right to get recognition. But a rainbow baby that the term of a healthy baby born after some issues and miscarriage or infant loss. After a stormy period people got a rainbow baby, so does a rainbow baby. The birth of a rainbow baby serves as a reminder that life is still possible.

While the damage to that storm may never be forgotten, there is still beauty in its wake. If you want to honor the miracle of having a rainbow baby, and want to pay a tribute to the joy that triumphs despite the pain. All these beautiful rainbow baby names contain a particular and significance for your little one.

Few babies have a tough journey until their birth. And, their birth after a physical and emotional storm comes as a relief and feels like a colorful rainbow after dark rainy clouds. This name list is rightly referred to those baby as rainbow baby names. Look below and find the right name for your baby. This list contains 35 rainbow names for boys and 35 rainbow baby names for girls.


35 Rainbow Baby Names for Boys

Names Origin Meanings
1.       Aaron Hebrew Miraculous
2.       Amal Arabic Hope & expectations
3.       Anthony Latin Priceless
4.       Barack Arabic Blessing
5.       Barloc American Strong Warrior
6.       Bayode African Who brings joy
7.       Caius Latin Rejoice
8.       Cyan Greek Greenish-blue color
9.       Daliso African A Blessing
10.   Darrell Ponymic Open
11.   Dilon Irish Great tide
12.   Eijaz Arabic Miracle
13.   Emory German Homeruler
14.   Ethan Hebrew Strong, enduring, solid
15.   Felix Latin Happy & prosperous
16.   Gabriel Hebrew God is my Strength
17.   Gianni Italian God is gracious
18.   Inaam Arabic Blessing from God
19.   Jasper Persian Bringer of treasure
20.   Karsten German Blessed, anointed
21.   Lennan Irish Beloved, sweetheart
22.   Mapalo African God’s blessings
23.   Noah Hebrew Long-lived, wandering
24.   Nathanial Hebrew Gift of God
25.   Oscar Gaelic Deer Friend
26.   Phelipe Greek Friend of Horses
27.   Ranen Hebrew To be joyful
28.   Samuel Hebrew God has heard
29.   Tumaini Arabic Hope
30.   Theodore Greek God-given
31.   Von Norse Hope
32.   Winston English Joyful stone
33.   Whelan Irish Little
34.   Zane Hebrew God’s Gift
35.   Zelig Yiddish Blessed


35 Rainbow Baby Names for Girls

Names Origin Meanings
1.       Asha Sanskrit Hope
2.       Alina Greek Light
3.       Beatrice Italian Who brings joy
4.       Bree Irish Power, Strength
5.       Carina Latin Beloved
6.       Coral Greek Refer to marine animal
7.       Danika European Morning star
8.       Dorothy Greek Gift of God
9.       Evelyn Hebrew Wished-for child
10.   Ellie Greek Bright Shining one
11.   Felicity Latin Happy and Fortune
12.   Gianna Italian The Lord is Gracious
13.   Grace Latin Thankful & Gratitude
14.   Helena Greek Shining bright
15.   Hazel English The Hazelnut tree
16.   Iris Greek Rainbow
17.   Jade Hebrew Precious stone
18.   Jasmine Persian Gift from God
19.   Kaylee Spanish Pure
20.   Lily Greek Purity, Innocence
21.   Maisie Greek Pearl
22.   Matilda German Might or Strength
23.   Nessa Hebrew Miracle
24.   Nina Hebrew Favor, Grace
25.   Olive Latin Peace
26.   Phoebe Greek Bright one
27.   Poppy English Red Flower
28.   Raine Hebrew Queen
29.   Rose German Love, Happiness
30.   Suki Japanese Blosson and Hope
31.   Taraji Swahili Hope
32.   Umniya Arabic Hope
33.   Vioctoria Latin Victory
34.   Wilona  English Hoped-for
35.   Zita Italian Little girl



What Girl Name Means Rainbow?

Iris is one of the popular baby girl names that mean “rainbow”. This name has a Greek origin. Iridiana is another name that has a Greek origin and this name means “rainbow”. Evangeline also a beautiful rainbow baby girl name that means “the messenger of good news”.

What is a Double Rainbow Baby?

A double rainbow baby name means that a baby who born after two natural causes losses of infants and children early in life. Loss of two infants by miscarriage, stillbirth, SIDS, and some other related cause happens prior to the birth of a double rainbow baby.

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