ITALIAN Baby Names With meaning for your newborn


It is not easy to agree with the couple when choosing the baby’s name. It often happens that the names that father likes are not to your liking and vice versa. Nevertheless, there are usually some names that both partners like and around which the baby’s name is decided. If you are in the process of looking for suggestions for naming your child, keep in mind that you do not have to limit yourself to your native language names alone.

Trends of naming your kids have been changed due to the transition in the era. Many names belong to different languages and regions. Nowadays, there are so many names to choose from rare and original children’s names in foreign languages, such as English, Greek, Japanese, Latin or Arabic names. All these languages and regions have different characters and meanings that make them unique and different. You may also found the increasing trend of naming the babies with short, cool, and peculiar names to attract the people with a unique sense of their parents’ thinking. Have you thought about choosing an Italian name for your baby with your partner? are you looking for an Italian name to use for your baby? Many Italian baby names are poetic and have excellent pronunciation. If you are curious about Italian baby names, here is a list of more than 100 most popular Italian baby names and their meanings.




Adolfo: Name related to nature that means “noble wolf.”


Adriano: Man with courage, brave and great heart.


Alessandro: It means “defender of the humanity.”


Alessio: Name with the same meaning as Alessandro, since it is its abbreviated form.


Alonzo: Noble, clever and courageous man.


Amadeo: Literally, it means “to love God.”


Loving: Kind man, willing to help, and very sociable.


Andrea: Name that means “virile warrior.”


Angelo: Refers to a messenger angel.


Antonello: It means “praiseworthy.”


Arnaldo: It translates as “the power of the eagle.”


Aurelio: A man with his own light, able to guide, and a very good leader.



Baldassare: It means “he who protects the king” and describes a man of honor.


Bartholomew: A man of good heart, thoughtful and peaceful.


Basil: Literally, it means “king.”


Battista: “Baptist,” belonging or related to baptism, translates it.


Benedetto: It means, “Blessed.”


Bernardino: Name of peculiar translation; “entrusted like a bear.”



Calvin: A name with a somewhat peculiar meaning; “little bald head.”


Camillo: Quiet, calm, and wise man.


Carlo: Literally, it means “farmer.”


Celestine: As his name indicates, it means “heavenly.”


Celio: It refers to heaven.


Costantino: A man of firm ideas, somewhat stubborn.


Christian: It means “follower of Christ.”



Dante: Means “firm” and is a name that is related to the famous Italian poet Dante Alighieri.


Domenico: Literally, it means “that belongs to the Lord.”


Donato: It translates as “given by God.”



Elmo: Name that refers to a type of helmet that was formerly used as protection in battles.


Emanuele: It means, “The Lord is among us.”


Emilio: Literally, it means “rival.”


Enrico: A name with a double meaning. On the one hand, “home,” and on the other, “rule.”


Ernesto: An epic name that means “battle to the death.”


Eusebio: Pious and good-hearted man.



Fabio: It means “a farmer who grows beans.”


Fabrizio: Literally, it means “craftsman.”


Fazio: It means “good worker.”


Federico: A peaceful, calm, organized, and tidy man.


Felippo: It translates as “one who loves horses.”


Filipo: Derives from Felippo and has the same meaning.


Fiorenzo: It literally means “flourishing” and describes a dynamic and energetic man.


Flavio: It means “blond,” “golden-haired.”


Florentino: Name very similar to Fiorenzo, with the same meaning.


Francesco: Means “free.”



Gennaro: It refers to a boy who was born in January.


Geovani: Literally, it means, “God is merciful.”


Gerardo: A name of warlike character that means “brave spear.”


Giacomo: It translates as “supplanter”.


Gian: Related to Geovani, it also means, “God is merciful.”


Gianni: It means the same as Geovani and Gian.


Giorgio: A name related to agriculture, which means “worker of the land.”


Giotto: A peaceful man with the ability to lead a group.


Giovanni: It means the same as Geovani, Gian, and Gianni.


Giulio: A name with a double meaning. On the one hand, “young,” and on the other, “soft beard.”


Guido: Literally, it means “wooded valley.”



Leandro: It is literally translated as “lion man.”


Leonardo: Refers to a boy as strong as a lion.


Leonzio: A strong, courageous, fighting man with a lot of courage.


Liugi: Refers to a famous ancient warrior.


Lorenzo: It means “Crowned with laurels.”


Luciano: Literally, it means “Light-bearer.”


Luka: A man capable of eclipsing others, with much light of his own.



Marcello: It refers to the war arts of the ancient Roman Empire.


Marcus: A name with a similar meaning to Marcello’s, related to war and struggle.


Matteo: It means “gift of God.”


Maurizio: A name with a double meaning. On the one hand, “dark skin,” and on the other, “moor,” a cold and helpless place.


Michaelangelo: A name formed by the union of Michael and Angelo, very popular for being the name of one of the great artists of the history of Italian and world art.


Michele: Peculiar translation name: “who is like God.”



Nestore: It literally translates as “coming home.”


Niccolo: It means “victory of the people.”


Nicolas: It has the same meaning as Niccolo.



Orpheus: Name that means “darkness of the night,” and that is very popular for being one of the protagonists of the myth of Orpheus and Eurydice, from Greek mythology.


Orsino: Comes from the word “orso,” which means, “bear.” The literal translation is “like a bear.”


Osvaldo: It refers to the power of God.


Ovid: Name that evokes us to the antiquity for being that of one of the most famous Roman poets. It means “shepherd of sheep.”



Palmiro: Literally, it means “pilgrim.”


Paolino: It means “little” and describes a clever and skillful man.


Piero: It translates as “little rock” and refers to a strong, brave, and tenacious man.



Raffaello: It means “the one that God has healed.”


Renardo: Bold, brave, and somewhat cautious man.


Renzo: Honorable, thoughtful, and meticulous man.


Riccardo: Powerful and brave boy.


Rinaldo: Literally, he means “the King’s advisor.”


Rodolfo: It refers to a mythical and famous wolf.


Romeo: It means “the one who goes on pilgrimage to Rome” and is a very popular name thanks to the romantic hero of William Shakespeare’s famous play, Romeo and Juliet.


Ruggiero: It translates as “famous spear” and is related to the world of war and battle.



Sabino: Name that refers to the ancient tribe of the Sabinos.


Samuele: It means, “God has heard.”


Silvano: Literally, it means “inhabitant of the forest.”


Simone: Obedient, good-hearted, and responsible man.


Stefano: It means “he who has been crowned with laurels.”



Taddeo: A man of courage who is appreciated for his bravery.


Theodosius: It means “he who has given God.”


Terenzio: Man of changing ideas, creative and with the wood of an artist.


Titian: It refers to a man belonging to the Titans, a legendary race of gods that ruled during the golden age, according to Greek mythology.


Tommaso: It means “double,” “twins.”



Valentino: Strong, brave, and very courageous man.


Vincenzo: Literally translated as “the conqueror.”


Virgil: A name that honors the famous Roman poet, author of The Aeneid.




Adrienna: A name with a double meaning. On the one hand, “beautiful,” and on the other, “dark.”


Albertina: A woman with a noble heart, who shines with her own light.


Alda: Literally, it means “noble.”


Alessandra: Means “defender of humanity” and describes an altruistic and protective girl.


Alessia: It has the same meaning as Alessandra.


Allegria: A happy, cheerful, smiling, and always smiling woman.


Amadea: Literally means “Who loves God.”


Amaranta: It refers to an eternal flower, which never dies.


Ambra: Refers to amber, yellow fossil resin.


Amedea: Very similar to Amadea, it has the same meaning.


Andreana: A woman of strong character and very stubborn.


Annalisa: Name formed by Anna and Lisa, very popular in Italy.


Annetta: Literally, it means “funny.”


Antonella: A woman of great courage and noble principles.


Arabela: It means “beautiful altar.”


Aryana: Means “sacred.”



Beata: Literally translated as “blessed.”


Bianca: Means “white.”


Bonafila: A kind woman, considered a good daughter.


Brina: Name with a beautiful meaning; “princess.”



Caeli: It literally means “coming from the heavens.”


Camellia: It means “evergreen tree,” which never dies.


Candida: A woman with a lot of light, capable of captivating the people around her.


Carina: It means “the smallest and dearest.”


Carlotta: It refers to a small but strong and very loyal woman.


Cedrina: Its meaning refers to the mint plant with healing properties.


Chiara: Means “clarity” and “brightness”.


Cinnia: It means “curly hair.”


Concetta: A woman of pure heart and good intentions.



Daniela: It means, “God is my judge.”


Dianora: It refers to a divine woman of great beauty.


Donia: Smart girl, intelligent and with gifts to please others.


Donna: It comes from the name Donia and has the same meaning.



Eligia: It means “the chosen one.”


Emilia: Literally means “flatterer.”


Ermine: A woman with a noble heart and a great fighter.



Fabrizia: This refers to a woman who was formerly a craftswoman.


Feliciana: A happy and lucky woman.


Filippa: It means, “Love for horses.”


Fiorella: Refers to a small, delicate, and very pretty flower.


Flaviana: It means “blonde”, “golden-haired”.


Francesca: Means “free” and means “coming from France.”



Gabriella: It means, “Devoted to God.”


Geovanna: Literally means, “God is merciful.”


Gia: It has the same meaning as Geovanna.


Giacinta: It means “beautiful fragrant flower.”


Gianna: It has the same meaning as Geovanna and Gia.


Gina: Literally, it means “heavenly messenger,” “angel.”


Giordana: It means “descent.”


Giulia: It means “youthful” and describes a woman who wants to know the world around her.


Graziella: A graceful woman, beautiful and with noble qualities.



Idara: A very organized, thoughtful, and orderly woman.


Isabella: Refers to a woman who consecrates herself to God.


Italina: Means, “Who comes from Italy.”



Jacobella: Literally, it means “with capacity to supplant.”


Jianna: It means, “God is merciful.”


Julia: Derives from Giulia and has the same meaning: “youthful.”



Laeticia: It means “joy” and defines a laughing and happy girl.


Laraina: It refers to a woman who comes from the region of Lorraine (France).


Laura: Original name from Latin meaning “crowned with earth.”


Lionetta: Literally, it means “little lioness.”


Lyric: Related to lyric, poetry appropriate for singing.


Lorenza: Original Latin name meaning “crowned with laurels.”


Lucia: It means “bearer of light.”


Lucrezia: A name with a double meaning. On the one-hand “rich,” and on the other, “awarded.”




Madonna: It means “my lady.”


Marcella: A woman who enjoys the protection of Mars, which, according to Roman mythology, was the God of war.


Marena: Literally, it means “sea.”


Marguerite: It means “pearl.”


Mariola: A name of somewhat negative meaning; “sea of bitterness.”


Marsala: Refers to a woman who comes from the region of Marseilles (France).


Martia: Name that comes from Mars, and it is related to war since Mars was the God of war according to Roman mythology.


Mellea: A name with a sweet meaning: “honey.”


Mia: Refers to the possessive pronoun “mine.”


Michelina: Slightly peculiar translation: “who is like God?


Milan: It refers to a woman who comes from Milan, Italy.



Nicola: It means “victorious people.”


Nolita: A reserved, solitary, and somewhat reluctant woman.


Nydia: Literally, means “nest.”




Olethea: Means “truthful” and describes an honorable and loyal woman.


Orazia: Literally means “guardian of time.”


Orlena: Means “golden” and defines a girl with a lot of light.


Orquidea: In relation to the flower, it means “as beautiful as a flower.”


Ortensia: Its literal translation is “gardener.”


Otavia: Original name from Latin, which refers to a girl who has been born the eighth daughter.




Paciana: A woman who loves peace, tranquility, and silence.


Patrizia: Woman of noble origin. In ancient Rome, patricians were women of high class.


Perlita: Literally means “pearl”.


Pia: Devoted, devoted, and committed woman.


Placid: Serene Girl, calm and lover of quietness.


Spring: Name honoring the season of spring and the rebirth of life.



Rosella: A name with a double meaning. On the one hand, “rose,” and on the other, “beautiful flower.”


Rosetta: Like Rosella, a name with a double meaning. On the one hand, “rose,” and on the other, “beautiful flower.”



Sabina: It means “juniper,”; a tree with whitish leaves and reddish fruits.


Severina: Literally translated as “severe” or “rigorous.”


Silvia: A name with a beautiful meaning “inhabitant of the forest.”


Stella: Romantic and very beautiful name that means “heavenly star.”


Sylvana: It means “forest.”



Traviata: Literally, means “lost.”



Valentia: Strong, brave, and fighting woman.



Venice: Refers to a woman who comes from Venice (Italy).



Verita: Literally means “the truth.”



Virgilia: A woman with a great capacity for leadership.



Vivalda: Brave, fighting girl who is not afraid of war.



Zia: Refers to a type of grain. Name related to agriculture.



Zinerva: A name with a double meaning. On the one hand, “fair,” and on the other, “light-haired.”



Which name is best for my baby boy?


You may found various names for your baby when you are looking for an Italian name. Try to give the name to your baby boy, which suits him rather than show off.


Can I go for a long name for my baby?


Well, usually people and new era prefer short and cool names. But you can have long names too for your baby boy if you want to give them the long names to remember old traditions.


What about unique Italian names for my baby boy?


You can easily use an Italian name to make it its name. This also sounds amazing because some Italian names are trendy all across the globe. People name their kids and babies with Italian names.


Is there a Good name for a baby boy?


Many names referred to good names. However, every name is good in its sense. But, some names are usually more preferred than other Italian names of boys.




Having an Italian name for your baby boy may ease your baby naming. There are thousands of names found in the Italian region to be used for your baby boys. Some of them have been discussed in this article that you can easily use for naming your baby.


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