Indian Baby Boys & Girls Names with their Meanings

The part of naming your baby is always tricky because parents have thought of different names. Things began to merge with new trends, and parents prefer names from other origins, such as Indian, French, and many others. In this article, we have discussed the Indian baby names that let you decide the best one for your baby girl and boy.

Almost 19,500 languages have been spoken in India that also influence the naming of their babies. You can have a list of these Indian baby boys and girls’ names to pick out the most desired one for your tiny pal.

India is a very country with various religious texts, traditions, customs, and cultures. That is why all the names come with a variation and give you a very classic touch of this origin. Some familiar names such as Neha, Rahul, Raj, and many others worldwide are loved. You can check out these names and their meaning for a better name selection.

Indian Baby Boy Names

Names                                              Meaning

  1. Aarav                                        A loud sound or thundering
  2. Aarush                                     The sun
  3. Aayush                                     Long life, health and vigour
  4. Avyaan                                     Soothe and appease
  5. Advik Unique
  6. Akarsh                                     Fascination, attraction
  7. Anay                                         One without a leader
  8. Atharva                                     Name of the Vedas
  9. Arhaan                                     Ruler or emperor
  10. Ahaan                                     The day
  11. Arnav                                      Sea, Ocean
  12. Adhrit                                     Unrestrained, free
  13. Aryaman                                 A close companion, The sun
  14. Bhaavik                                   Full of emotion and feelings, sentimental
  15. Bhavin                                     Blessing, illustrious
  16. Chitaksh                                  Person with attractive eyes
  17. Daksh                                        Intelligent, competent
  18. Darshit                                     Shown displayed
  19. Devansh                                   Part of God
  20. Dhanuk                                     Bow
  21. Dhairya                                     Patience, endurance and perseverance
  22. Divij                                           Born in heaven, Celestial
  23. Divit                                           From the sky, heavenly
  24. Divyansh                                   Part of the divine being
  25. Ehsaan                                      Compassion
  26. Eeshan                                     Light and splendour
  27. Faiyaz                                       Virtuous, Doer of good deeds
  28. Farhan                                     Joy, delight
  29. Gatik                                         Refuge, speed, motion
  30. Gauransh                                 Part of Goddess Parvati
  31. Hardik                                     From the heart, Heartfelt
  32. Himmat                                    Courage
  33. Hriday                                      Heart and soul
  34. Hridaan                                    Generous heart
  35. Hunar                                        Competence, skills
  36. Ishir                                             Fire, powerful and strong
  37. Ikshit                                           Beheld and regarded
  38. Ishaan                                        Sun in the form of Lord Shiva
  39. Ivaan                                            Glorious gift of God
  40. Izaan                                            Obedience, acceptance
  41. Jaiyush                                       Long life, victorious
  42. Jivin                                             To give life
  43. Kanav                                       Compassion and pity
  44. Krishiv                                     Made with a combination of Krishna and Shiva
  45. Kiaan                                            God’s grace
  46. Kushagra                                     Sharp and intelligent
  47. Krish                                             short name of Krishna
  48. Lakshay                                        Aim, target
  49. Lauhit                                          The trident of Lord Shiva
  50. Lakshit                                       Focused targeted
  51. Manan                                        Reverence, homage
  52. Manav                                       A youth, mankind
  53. Medhansh                                One who has inherited wisdom
  54. Moksh                                      Salvation
  55. Navodit                                     Newly risen
  56. Nimit                                         Sign, motive
  57. Nirvaan                                     Ultimate bliss
  58. Nishith                                     Midnight
  59. Ohas                                          Praise
  60. Ojas                                           Vigour, grandeur
  61. Parv                                           A holy day or festival
  62. Pranay                                      Reverence; affection
  63. Pratham                                    The first one
  64. Purab East
  65. Raghav                                     Born in Raghu clan
  66. Ranbir                                     The brave warrior
  67. Reyansh                                     Part of a stream
  68. Ritvik                                                 Priest
  69. Ryan                                                 King
  70. Rudransh                                     Part of Rudra
  71. Saatvik                                      Pious and pure
  72. Savar                                        A name of Lord Shiva
  73. Sahil                                                 Guide
  74. Saksham                                     Capable
  75. Samar                                          The person who talks late in the night
  76. Samarth                                     Efficient
  77. Shaan Pride, peaceful
  78. Saihaj Peaceful
  79. Shayak Arrow
  80. Shlok                                       A vedic chant, Hymn
  81. Shray Credit
  82. Stuvan                                     To praise
  83. Suveer                                     Heroic, courageous
  84. Taksh                                      Divine mountain, Gold mountain
  85. Tanvik                                     A king
  86. Tanmay                                    Engrossed
  87. Tejas                                          Sharpness
  88. Ujjwal                                       Clear, bright
  89. Umang                                     Enthusiasm
  90. Uthkarsh                                  Superior, excellence
  91. Vaibhav                                    Grandeur, glory
  92. Vihaan                                       Dawn, morning
  93. Viraj                                           Sovereign, splendour
  94. Virat                                           Heroism, valour
  95. Vivaan                                     To plait or twist in the context of weaving
  96. Yug                                             A generation, era
  97. Yuvaan                                     Youthful and strong
  98. Yuvraj                                          Prince
  99. Zain                                              Radiance, excellence
  100. Zeeshan                                     Respected, dignified

Indian Baby Girl Names

Name                                                 Meaning

  1. Aadrika                                     A celestial being
  2. Aarya                                         Respectable and noble
  3. Aarna                                         River or wave
  4. Aaradhita                                  Respected and revered
  5. Aarohi                                     Ascending order of musical notes
  6. Aasiya                                     Pensive
  7. Adhira                                     Lightening
  8. Advika                                     Unique and different
  9. Ahana                                     Dawn
  10. Amyra                                     Female form of ruler or princess
  11. Aayat                                      A verse from the Holy Quran, God’s greatness
  12. Akshara                                  Letter, speech
  13. Anahita                                   Graceful
  14. Anaisha                                    Of or during the day
  15. Anika Grace
  16. Anvi                                          To seek or follow
  17. Ananya                                     Without a second
  18. Arushi                                        Dawn
  19. Aradhya                                     Deserves worshipping
  20. Bhamini                                     Glorious, Woman, beautiful
  21. Charvi                                       Beautiful lady
  22. Dhriti Lightening
  23. Disha                                        Way, direction
  24. Diva                                           Lamp, daytime
  25. Drishya                                     To be seen, visible
  26. Ela                                             A composition making company name in Indian music
  27. Eshana                                     Seeking, longing
  28. Eenakshi                                  Doe-eyed
  29. Hamsika                                   A swan
  30. Hrishita                                    Pleased, happy
  31. Hrida                                        From the heart
  32. Inaaya                                     Help and protection from the Almighty
  33. Inayat                                         Favour, empathy
  34. Ishita                                          Greatness, supremacy
  35. Ishani                                         A name for Goddess Durga, a silk-cotton tree
  36. Ira                                               The earth
  37. Jaisvi                                           Victorious
  38. Jhanvi                                         Ganga river, daughter of Yaksha, the wise
  39. Jivika                                           Source of life
  40. Jiya                                              Radiance, sweetheart
  41. Kashvi                                         Shining
  42. Kavya Poem
  43. Keya                                           Flower
  44. Khanak                                     The tinkling of bangles
  45. Khushi                                     Joy, happiness
  46. Kiara                                       Dark-haired
  47. Kimaya                                   Divine
  48. Lasya                                       A gentle form of dance
  49. Lavanya                                  Beauty or grace
  50. Mahika                                   Frost, Dewdrops
  51. Maitreyi                                  Friendship
  52. Mannat                                   Fervent prayer or wish
  53. Miraya                                    Variant of Meera name
  54. Mishika                                   A medicinal plant
  55. Medhasvini                             Wisdom
  56. Myra                                          Myrrh
  57. Naira                                        Glittering, brilliance
  58. Naisha                                     Night
  59. Nakshatra                              Star, constellation
  60. Navya                                      New, fresh
  61. Nayantara                              Beloved
  62. Nehmat                                Grace, blessing
  63. Nitara                                   Deeply rooted
  64. Nitya                                     Eternal
  65. Ojasvini                                     Energetic, bright
  66. Oorja Power, strength
  67. Pari                                             Ethereal beauty
  68. Parinaaz                                    Sweet, fairy
  69. Pihu                                           Sweet sound of the koyal bird, A female peafowl
  70. Pranavi                                     The sacred syllable ‘Om’
  71. Prisha God’s gift
  72. Renee                                         Born again, derived from Renatus
  73. Rhea                                           Stream, One of the Titans in Greek mythology
  74. Riya                                            Singer
  75. Rudrani                                     Name of Rudra wife
  76. Saanvi                                        A name for Goddess Lakshmi
  77. Samaira                                     Widely believed to mean ‘enchanting’
  78. Sana                                            Brilliance or radiance
  79. Sara                                             Princess
  80. Seher                                          Early morning
  81. Shanaya                                     First ray of the sun
  82. Sharanya                                  One who gives refuge
  83. Siya                                           A name for Sita
  84. Suhana                                     Pleasant, lovely
  85. Tanya                                        Fairy queen
  86. Tarini                                       Another name for Goddess Durga
  87. Tiya                                                 Bird
  88. Trisha                                        Thirst or desire
  89. Urvi                                           Earth
  90. Vanya                                        Gracious gift of god
  91. Vaidehi                                     Name of Goddess Sita
  92. Vardaniya                               Giver of good fortune
  93. Vedika                                     A sacrificial alter
  94. Vihaana                                     Dawn
  95. Yashasvini                                 Successful and illustrious
  96. Yashvi                                         Fame
  97. Zaina                                           Beautiful and radiant
  98. Zaira                                            A visitor or guest
  99. Zara                                             Exalted one, Princess
  100. Zoya                                             Light and radiance




Which is the best name in India?

You may found infinite names for your baby girl and boy in the Indian language. There is always the best name with meanings. Some of the names include Aakav, Aakash, Aarav, Advik, Chandran, Darsh, and many others.

Can I name my baby girl or boy with Indian names?

If you are looking for an Indian baby name for boys and girls, there are many names. You can use these names for your baby boy or baby girl. But make sure to check the meanings of the names to avoid confusion.

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