Hawaiian Baby Boy’s Names: All Cute Boy Names

Are you in search of a Hawaiian baby boy’s name? Then you are in the right place. The Hawaiian language is very beautiful, and it is very easy to find many Hawaiian baby names with meanings that suit your baby’s personality. Here are all Hawaiian baby names in the Hawaiian language.

Hawaiian is an authentic traditional language, so the names of Hawaiian are unisex. Although, the Hawaiian names have evolved in such ways that girls typically have some specific names, as do boys. In this article, you will find all the cute and beautiful names of Hawaiian for boys. So, let’s have a look below:

Hawaiian Baby Boy’s Names
Hawaiian Baby Boy’s Names

Traditional Hawaiian Names


Traditionally, in the Hawaiian culture, names are chosen carefully by the elders, a close family member, or new parents. All the traditional Hawaiian names are genderless, and the subject changed later with the life circumstances changed.


Names Meanings
Aalona This name with Hawaiian origin means “high mountain”.
Abbott Abbot means ‘father’.
Ahe This Hawaiian name means “softly blowing breeze,”
Aheahe “Ahe” means the breeze.
Aiden Little fire
Ailani This Hawaiian name means “the leader” or “Chieftan”
Akamai  Which means “intelligent, clever”
Akamu it means “made from clay or the red earth”
Akela it means one who walks alone.
Akoni Which means  “worthy of admiration or praise”
Alika Which means “guardian”
Aloha Which means “loving person”
Anakoni Which means “worthy of praise”
Analu meaning “manly,” this is a bold choice for your little dude.
Ano Which means “immaculate”
Aouli Which means “blue sky”
Apollo This name means ‘to destroy’.
Aristotle  Aristotle means ‘superior’.
Armani It means ‘freeman’.
Arrow The ‘o’ ending of this word name brings it further into the realm of hip baby names.
Atlas It’s too powerful for a baby boy.
Auden Its an English name, meaning ‘old friend’
Aurelio Aurelio means ‘the golden one’.
Baker This hip occupational name evokes scents stemming from the baking oven.
Bane Which means “Long Awaited Child”
Baxter Baxter, meaning ‘baker’
Bentlee Bentlee means ‘meadow with coarse grass’.
Blade  Blade is one of those names that’s macho and unconventional,
Bobo It means ‘bright fame’.
Bowie Bowie, meaning ‘blond’,
Bram It means ‘father of multitudes’.
Caleb One faithful as a dog
Casimir Casimir, meaning ‘destroyer of peace’,
Caspian Its romantic place name is a perfect bet for cutting edge
Cassidy Cassidy means ‘curly headed’.
Cedar Cedar is one of the latest tree name
Chester Chester, meaning ‘fortress or walled town’
Constantine It means ‘steadfast’.
Cosmo Cosmo, meaning ‘order and beauty’
Dex Dex, the short form of Dexter,It means ‘right-handed.’
Ekewaka it means “protector of wealth”.
Elijah Name of a very famous King and a Prophet
Ellington  Ellington means ‘Ellis’s town’.
Elta It means ‘the Lord is mine’ or ‘the Lord is my only God’.
Etana A Hawaiian name meaning “of a strong character”.
Ethan strong or gift of the island.
Eusebio Another biblical name “Eusephus” or “Josephus” in Latin.
Eustace Eustace, meaning ‘fruitful and productive’,
Everest  Everest is one of the few geographical names
Ezekiel A person who is made stronger by God
Ferris Ferris, meaning ‘rock’,
Fischer Fischer means ‘fisherman’.
Fitzgerald This moniker, meaning ‘son of Gerald’
Fraser Fraser, meaning ‘strawberry’,
Fulton  It means ‘fields of the village’.
Griffith This Welsh name means ‘strong lord’.
Gryffin Griffin, is one of the most appealing Celtic baby name
Haikili This name is used to denote the Hawaiian Thunder God.
Haku Which means “supervisor or overseer”
Hale means “the one who hails from the far off valley”
Haleigha  this name means the “East or the House of the Morning or Rising Sun”.
Haleigha House of the Rising Sun
Halia Remembrance of a loved one; Memorial
Hanale This name is used to denote the master of the house.
Hani Which means “happy”
Hanini In Hawaiian, this means to “pour like rain”
Hannes  meaning ‘God is gracious’.
Hart Hart is a short, and strong name meaning ‘stag’
Haulani Royal ruler in Hawaiian, Heavenly Ice
Haulani Which mean “imperial ruler”
Hawk Hawk, meaning ‘eagle
Healani The name is means “haze or mist from the heavens”,
Hikialani This name means “the one who looks up to the heavens”.
Hilo it means “on the first night of the new moon”.
Huxley Huxley means ‘inhospitable place’.
Ikaia  mean “God will deliver” and popular in Hawaii
Inigo  It means ‘fiery’.
Jansen means ‘Jan’s son’.
Janus  It means ‘gateway’.
Jedi  Jedi is a perfect name if your little one
Kaeo This Hawaiian name means strength
Kahalo This Hawaiian name means “light-footed one,”
Kahawai Kahawai is a Hawaiian term for the “river.”
Kahiau  this is the name for a caring individual
Kahikilani It means “the arrival of the chief”.
Kahikina It is a suitable name for baby boys born at dawn or in the East.
Kahiko This name was used during the times of the irresponsible Chief Waia.
Kahili Kahili means Feather Standard or Rainbow part
Kahli Kahili menas Rainbow part, Ginger
Kahoku Kahoku means The Star
Kaholo It is a Hawaiian term for speed and means the “light-footed one.”
Kahoni Kahoni means The Kiss
Kahua Kahua means Base, Fondation
Kahula In Hawaiian, this term refers to “dancing”,
Kahuna The name Kahuna means The Hidden Secret
Kai Which mean “the sea”
Kaiholo  This name means the “movement of the sea”
Kaikane Kaikane name means Strong Sea
Kaiko Kaiko name means Sea With Strong Current
Kaila unique name for your baby boy.
Kailuani Kaiulani means Royal Sacred One
Kaimana Kaimana means Power of the Ocean and Diamond
Kaimee Kaimee means Seeker
Kaimi Kaimi name means The Seeker
Kainalu The name means Sea Wave
Kainoa  Meaning “father’s namesake” or “junior”
Kainona Kainona means Sea with No Restrictions
Kaipo Kaipo means The Sweetheart
Kalani Kalani name means The Heavens
Kale Which means “strong and manly”
Kaleho The name means The Cowry Shell
Kaleo meaning “voice” or “sound” in Hawaiian.
Kalino it means “the brilliant one” or “as bright as the sun”.
Kalon  It means “the sky”,
Kana Which means “a Maui demigod”
Kanoa This Hawaiian name means “the one who is born free”
Kanuha it means “the one which means one who sulks”!
Kanye This Hawaiian name means “freedom”
Kaui The name means “this youth is beautiful”.
Kawai This name means born of water and is of Hawaiian origins.
Kawika This Hawaiian name means the one who is a favourite friend or beloved buddy.
Kawikani  the name means “the strong one”.
Kayl The name of Hawaiian origin means “born free” or “free-spirited”.
Keanu Which means “cool breeze over the mountains”
Keimoni better way to say it than saying in Hawaiian
Kekoa The name originates from a Hawaiian term “a brave warrior”.
Kekoa Which means “the brave one”
Kelani This name is unisex and means “from the heavens”.
Kellii This name denotes nobility and is used to address the Chief in the Hawaiian
Kensington name of a posh residence in London
Keona means “God has been gracious to me”.
Kepakiano  meaning “the gift from the Gods”.
Kika The name refers to the battlefield and is used to signify
Kilo in Hawaiian, it means “the astronomer”,
Kimo This term in Hawaiian means “to supplant” or “replace”.
Kirk Kirk is a friendly, one syllable name, meaning ‘church’.
Koa means “the one who is a valiant warrior
Koi This Hawaiian name means to beg and implore.
Kona  it means “a lady”
Konala means “the chief of the world”
Konane This Hawaiian name signifies “a brilliant light”
Kualii It is the way the Hawaiian’s refer to every famous chieftain or ruler.
Kukane Hawaii that means “the great man”.
KyeKye Hawaiian name means “to possess oceanic qualities”.
Lahahana in Hawaiian it means “the sun’s warmth”.
Laird Scottish name, meaning ‘lord of the land’
Lakopa This name comes from“holding his twin’s heel” is named Lakopa in Hawaii.
Lanakila The name means “full of victory”.
Larson It means ‘crowned with laurels’.
Laszlo Laszlo, meaning ‘glorious ruler’,
Leialoha means “my darling son.”
Leopold name, meaning ‘brave people’.
Lev This concise, one syllable name, meaning ‘heart’,
Liam A worrior of strong will
Likeke  this name which means “the courageous ruler”.
Liko in Hawaiian means the young flower bud.
Loane octavius means ‘eight’.
Logan Man from the hollow
Lokua A biblical name that means “God will deliver me”
Lolana This Hawaiian name signifies the term “to soar.”
Lono means the “God of Agriculture and Peace”.
Lopaka  this name signifies a “bright flame” or like the sun.
Luano Hawaiian name for boys means “enjoyment.”
Madison Son of a mighty warrior
Makai it means “the one who heads to the sea”.
Makani The name means “the one who flies like the wind”,
Makauni means the prince born in the “eye of greatness”.
Makoa it means “a brave and bold man”.
Malo The name has Hawaiian origins and connotes a winner who is full of victory.
Mano The name is used to refer to a shark
Mason A person who works as a stoneworker
Maui A typical name from Hawaiian folklore
Meguire meaning ‘son of the beige one’.
Mele This Hawaiian term means “the one who is always merry and happy”.
Mercer meaning ‘a merchant’.
Moani means “the scented breeze blowing over the land”.
Moke This name of Hawaiian origin refers to the refined gentleman
Nainoa This term is used for the one who watches over the little children
Neolani  It means “the dew from the heavens”
Nile Nile means ‘champion’.
Noah Relaxation, restful, harmony, calm.
Noe  Which means “mist, misty”
Nohea The name is similar to Noah and means born beautiful and blessed in Hawaiian.
Octavius Octavius means ‘eight’.
Oden It means ‘rage or frenzy’.
Onanoa means “one who has a pleasing scent or fragrance”.
Ori It is a term in the Hawaiian dialect which means “my light”.
Orson means ‘bear cub’.
Ozias  name, meaning ‘salvation’ will fit the bill.
Pascal Pascal, meaning ‘born during Easter’
Paxon It means ‘peaceful town’.
Pekelo The name means “steadfast” and “abiding”.
Penn This simple and elegant name, meaning ‘enclosure’,
Pika It is a Hawaiian endearment for a baby boy
Puna This name signifies the spring of water in Hawaii.
Quest   This word name suggests not just a sense of curiosity,
Remi This jaunty name, meaning ‘oarsman’,
Rio This short and sweet name, meaning ‘river’
Rockwell Rockwell, meaning ‘rock spring’
Roscoe Roscoe, meaning ‘deer forest’,
Rufus Rufus, meaning ‘redhead’
Rusty It means ‘redhead’.
Scout  This name with outstanding qualities of Boy Scout
Shaw Shaw, meaning ‘dweller by the wood’,
Shepherd  We love this English occupational name
Slater Slater is a friendly and genial trade name, meaning ‘slate maker’.
Stellan Stellan means ‘calm’
Teo meaning ‘gift of God’.
Uluwehi This name means “with abundant plants” or “a garden like Eden”.
Wakea Named after a deity who was the husband of Mother Earth called Papahanaumoku.
Werner The formal German name, meaning ‘protecting army’
West The western, cowboy feel to it elevates it even further.
Wilbert This name has also been popular and adapted into the Hawaiian
William Will or Desire to Protect
Willis Willis means ‘resolute protection’.
TRUE Parents looking for a name exemplifying simpler lifestyle



What Are Some Hawaiian Boy Names?

All the best names of the Hawaiian language are explained above. You can read it all and choose a perfect name for your newborn baby boy.

What are good Hawaiian Names?

Here are some excellent Hawaiian Names:

  • Kai
  • Bane
  • Alana
  • Leilani
  • Kona
  • Nana

Also, there are more beautiful names above in the table for the baby boy names.


What are the Hawaiian Names for Love?


Alohais a Hawaiian name. It’s synonymous with Hawaii, and this name means loving or kinder hearted.


Is Kai Name Hawaiian Origin?


The Kai is a female name, and it belongs to Hawaiian origin. But actually, the origin of this name is not exact. Kai name means “warrior,” “victory of people,” and “brave spearman.” In the Hawaiian origin, Kai means a “sea” and “ocean.” In the Japanese origin, this name means “forgiveness.”

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