Greek Baby Names For Boys & Girls

Baby Boy Greek Names

Usually, naming your little pal is always a difficult thing to do. You may be looking for a very unique and exciting name that can attract people toward your baby and make him apple pie to everyone. Although you may find various unique, engaging, and cool names for your baby, things have changed kids’ naming. It is because multiple languages have emerged to keep the terms of babies. After all, nowadays, people go for short, cool, and unique names. If you are looking for a greek name, choose the Baby Boy Greek Names in the below article. We have explained all the things in detail. Naming your kids makes him or her feel good because it gives them the identity to be known to others. So, always call your baby with a beautiful and vital name theme him feel happy and confident in front of others.

There are books, online lists, and pages that offer details of Greek Names For Boys and their meaning to make it easy for your comprehension. Moreover, trying the names of other languages for your baby is a new experience that will be amazing. People nowadays use the trending names of other languages to have different origins to their new generation. It seems challenging to find the name from other regions because you are not familiar with the names and their meanings. That is why we have sorted out this issue and list those names that can be used for your little angle. You can read the list of these Greek Names For Boys and girls to choose the best one for your kid.

Greek Baby Boy Names


Achilles                     Hero from, The Iliad

Adonis                      Aphrodite’s’ love

Adrian                      Wealthy

Aegeus                     Protector

1Aesop                      Unclear

Alec                           Defender of men or mankind

Alesandro                Mankind’s protector


Basil                          Kinglike

Barak                        Lightning

Belen                        Arrow

Bemus                      Platform


Caesar                      Long-haired, Julius Caesar

Calix                          Handsome

2Cecrops                  Founder of Athens

Christophe               Christ-bearer

Christos                     Familar form of

Cicero                       Historian

Claus                         People’s victory

Cole                          People’s victory

Constantine            Constant

Corban                     A gift devoted to God

Cy                              Proud


Damen                     Divine power

Darius                       Wealthy

Deacon                     Servant, messenger

Demitrius                 Lover of the Earth

Dennis                      Wild

Deo                           Godlike

Dru                            Vision


Egan                          Little fire

Eros                           God of love

Estevan                     Crown

Eugene                     Born lucky

Evan                          Young warrior

Ezio                           Eagle


Faustus                     Lucky

Felipe                        Loves horses

Flavian                      Blond


George                     Farmer

Giles                          Young goat

Gregory                   Watchful

Griffin                       Mythological beast


Hercules                   Exceptionally strong

Homer                      Promise


Icarus                        Legendary figure

Isidore                      The gift of Isis


Jace                           Healer

Jerry                          Holy

Jorges                       Farmer

Julian                        Youthful


Kal                             Most beautiful

Karan                       Pure

Keelan                      Lean

Kosmos                    Order

Kristo                        Christ-bearer

Kyril                           Lordly


Lander                      Lion man

Layland                     Protector of men

Leo                            Lion


Magus                      Magician

Mateo                      Devoted to God

Maximus                 Greatest

Miles                        Merciful

Moe                         Saved


Neo                          New

Nicholas                  Victorious people

Nicos                        People’s victory

Niles                         People’s victory

Nyke                         Speed


Obelius                    Pillar of strength

Odell                        Ode

Odysseus                 Full of wrath

Orien                        The hunter

Orrin                         Mountain

Othello                     Acute

Otis                           Keen hearing

Owen                        Well born


Pancras                    All-powerful

Pearce                      Stone, rock

Philip                        Horse lover

Phoenix                    Mystical bird

Proteus                    Changeable


Quinn                       Fifth-born child


Rastus                       The loving one


Sander                      Protector

Santos                       Saint

Sirius                         Sparkling

Spiro                         Spiral

Stavros                     Crowned


Tadd                         Courageous

Tassos                      Harvester

Theo                         Divine gift

Timon                       Worthy

Titan                         Of the giants

Tomaso                    Twin

Tyrone                      King


Ulysses                     The angry one

Urion                        From heaven


Vasilios                     With royal blood

Vitalis                       Life


Wilbur              Brilliant

Wilfrid            Peaceful


Xander                     Protector

Xeno                          Foreign; strange voices


Yacoub                      From the forest

Yaakova                    Supplanter


Zevulun                     Mythical son of Zeus

Zacharias                  Zacharias is an old school Biblical name

Greek Baby Girl Names


Adara                        Beauty

Adrianna                  Rich

Aegea                       Of the Aegean

Agatha                      Kind

Agnes                        Chaste

Aileen                       Torch of light

Alicia                         Noble

Anastasia                 Resurrection

Anjelica                    Angel

Aphrodite                Goddess of love and beauty

Aria                           Melody

Athena                     Goddess of wisdom

Ava                            An eagle


Barbara                    Foreign

Bryony                     Vinelike plant


Cadie                         Pure

Calista                       Most beautiful

Calla                          Beautiful

Cara                          Innocent

Celia                          Moon

Chloe                        Fertile maiden

Clara                         Bright, shining

Clarissa                     Clear

Cleo                           Praise


Dalia                          Bough

Daria                         Wealthy

Demi                         Small

Desa                          Pledge

Diana                        Divine

Dora                          A gift

Dorothy                   Gift from God


Echo                          Nymph

Effie                           Pretty face

Eileen                        Light

Electra                      Bright

Elie                             Mercy

Ellen                          Light


Falana                       Adoring

Fannie                      Crown

Fauna                        Fertility goddess

Finn                           Oracle


Gaia                           Goddess of Earth

Galena                      Healer

Gemina                    Twin

Georgeanne            Farmer

Goldie                       Flower


Halia                          The sun

Hatria                        Rich

Helen                        Bright one

Hera                          Queen of the gods

Hester                       Star


Idylla                         Perfect

Iliana                         Bright

Ina                             Pure

Irene                         Peace

Iria                             Rainbow

Ivy                             Ivy plant


Jacinda                     Beautiful

Jenesis                      Creation

Jeno                          Heaven

Justina                      Just


Kaia                           Earth

Kalika                        Rosebud

Karen                        Pure

Kat                             Innocent

Kiersten                    Christian

Kristen                      Anointed


Lacie                          Cheerful

Layna                        Truth

Leah                          Woman

Lenore                      Light

Lexie                          Protector of mankind

Lilah                          Lily

Lindy                         Gentle one

Lois                            Agreeable

Lyssa                         Noble


Madelia                    High tower

Madge                      Pearl

Mariam                    Herod’s wife

Maya                        Mother

Meagan                    Strong

Melani                      Dark

Melody                     Song

Millicent                   Ambitious

Monica                     Advisor


Nara                          Happy

Natasha                    Rebirth

Nella                          Bright one

Nicole                        Victorious people

Nike                           Goddess of victory

Nora                          Honor


Orelle                        East


Pamela                     Honeyed

Penelope                 Weaver

Petra                         Small rock

Phyllis                       Dear


Rhoda                      Rose


Seema                      Symbol

Selena                       Moon


Tabatha                    Grace


Urbi                            Heavenly


Vanora                      Butterfly

Vasilisa                      Foreign woman


Xavierre                    Fair horse


Yule                            A name fit for a Christmas baby


Zeva                           Born last

Zooey                                    Life

Zora                           Alive


What about Greek Names For Boys?

If you are really excited about Greek traditions and its origin, then naming your little baby from this language is not a bad idea. You can name your baby with any of the above Greek Names For Boys.

Are these names for Boys only?

No, the list includes Greek names for boys and girls. You can use the name for your little princess and prince from one of these names. Do not panic just read the list properly and have your tiny pal name.

Is it better to Choose a Baby Boy Greek Name by Knowing the Meaning?

It will be much better to name your baby by knowing the meaning of that name. It may help you to tell others when they ask you about the meaning. Keeping the name without knowing the meaning is more hollow like thing. For that sake, you can view the above Baby Boy Greek Names along with their meaning.


Having the suitable and most deserving name for your baby is the most challenging thing. You can use these Greek Names For Boys and girls to make them feel lovable. Name is the predictor of your kids’ personality, and it is important to name your little love with a unique, cool, and short name to make them feel good. We have explained the most unique names o Greek for baby boys and girls. You can choose which you want for your lovely babies.

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