Cute & Modern Colombian Baby Girl Names with Meanings

There are so many options available on the internet, so choosing the perfect name for your baby girls might be challenging. Traditional names from Colombia have become very famous in Hispanic America. So, you can easily select a common name that Colombians inspire.

Many Colombian people speak Spanish. Therefore, they have a broad Hispanic population. And, there is a fascinating backstory of Colombian names. All these names come from different origins like Greek, Hebrew, Italian, Portuguese, Latin, German, and Spanish.

Most Colombian people use Spanish naming conventions. All these naming customs are the same in Hispanic America. In Colombia, people use a personal name followed by their father’s paternal family name and then Mother’s paternal name. The second name is not essential to gender-specific. We have a curated list of baby girl names of such Hispanic first names to choose the right name.

Names Origin Meanings
Adella German origin Noble
Alicia German origin Noble Nature
Abike Yoruba origin Born to be Treasured
Abilene Hebrew Origin A Plain, Grassy Meadow
Abria Hebrew Origin Mother of Multitude
Abrianna Italian origin Female Version of Abraham
Abriel Hebrew Origin Open, French, Protected, Secure
Ada Hebrew Origin Graceful and Noble
Adabel Hebrew Origin Lovely, Happy
Barbara Greek origin strange or foreign
Babette Hebrew Origin Promise of God
Baileigh English origin Berry Wood, Bailiff
Bailey French origin Law Enforcer
Baillie Latin origin Berry Wood
Bambi Italian origin Little, Female Baby, Child
Bandy German origin Joind, Tied, Captured
Baner German origin A Decorative Symbol
Bianca Italian origin White
Barb Greek origin Foreign, Form of Barbara
Cabel German origin Resembling a Heavy Rope
Cable Arabic origin Rope, Having
Camila Italian origin God is my Judge
Cacee Irish origin Descendant of Cathasaigh
Cache French origin Storage Place
Cachet French origin Prestige
Cacilie Latin origin Blind
Cactus German origin Resembling the Spiny Plant
Cade German origin Spirit of the Battle, Round, Pure
Cadee American origin Pure, A Rhythmic Flow of Sounds
Dafne Greek origin Laurel Tree
Dafnie Greek origin Laurel Tree, Laurel
Dagian English origin Dawn
Dagny Nose origin New Day
Dahiana Swedish origin Dahlia
Dahlia Scandinavian origin Flower Name, Valley Flower
Daija French origin Already, Before
Daavita Hebrew Origin Beloved, Feminine Form of David
Daisi English origin Eye of the day
Dale English origin Hollow or valley
Eara Scottish origin From the East
Earlena British origin Noblewoman
Easton Scottish origin The Christian Spring Festival
Eastre Scottish origin Born at Easter
Ebonee Latin origin Black, A Hard Wood
Edie English origin Rich gift
Edra Hebrew Origin Powerful
Edrea English origin  Wealthy, Prosperous
Ebonie English origin Black Coloured Wood
Earna English origin Sincere
Fabby Latin origin Fabulous
Fabiola Italian origin Bean Grower, Bean
Fae English origin Trust, Belief, Fairy, Confidence
Faidra Greek origin Bright One
Fair English origin Equal, Morning
Fairy French origin Spirit
Faith English origin Trust or belief
Fallah English origin Resembling a Crow
Fallon Irish origin Leader, Superiority
Fanni Hungarian origin Liberated, Pet Name
Gail Hebrew Origin Lively, My Father is Joy
Gaila Scottish origin Joyful
Gala French origin Woman of Serenity,
Galadriel French origin Lady of the Light
Gabiela Hebrew Origin Able-bodied one of God
Gale Greek origin My Father Rejoices
Gabi Aramaic origin God is my strength
Galina Greek origin Light, Shining, Calm
Geena American origin Silvery, Farm Worker
Galea Maltese origin Enjoyment
Haesel English origin God sees
Hailee English origin Hay Clearing, Hay Meadow
Hailey Irish origin From the hay meadow
Haili Hawaiian origin Hay Clearing / Meadow
Hailie English origin Hay Clearing
Haiwi Hawaiian origin Bird of Peace, Resembling the Dove
Haiwy Hawaiian origin Resembling the Dove, Bird of Peace
Haize Basque origin Hazel
Haji Swahili origin Purify
Hakidonmuya American origin Time of Waiting Moon
Imelda Spanish prigin Universal Battle
Imogene Latin origin Maiden, Image, Likeness
Ina Hindi origin Strong, Illuminate
Inana Sumerian origin Supreme Goddess
Inara Arabic origin Ray of Light, Shining, Light
Inda Japanese origin The Country India
Imana Arabic origin Believer, Supreme God
Imala American origin Disciplinarian, Disciplines
Indra Indian origin God of the Sky, Rain, Thunder
Ineesha Hindi origin A Sparkling Woman
Jaedene American origin Special Glitter, A Unicorn
Jaeleah American origin A Blue, Crested Bird, Jay Bird
Jaelin Greek origin Holder of Heel, Jay Bird
Jaelyn American origin Bird of Light
Jaelynn Hebrew Origin Jay Bird, Supplanter
Jaena Latin origin Supplanter, Jay Bird
Jaenette French origin Supplanter
Jakia American origin Beautiful, Pure
Jakiya American origin Very Beautiful
Jakkie Hebrew Origin Supplanter, God is Gracious
Kabecka American origin Twin
Kacee Irish origin Brave
Kacela African origin Elaborated Form of Kacey
Kacey Irish origin Brave
Kachi African origin Secred Dancer
Kachina African origin Sacred Dancer, Spirit
Kaci Irish origin Vbrave
Kacy American origin Brave
Kadee Greek origin Variation on Kadijah
Kaeli Greek origin Sweetheart
Laina Sanskrit origin Form of Alaina, Path, Roadway
Laine French origin Light, Path, Route, Narrow Road
Lainey French origin Bright Light, Sun Ray, Torch
Laira French origin Stars
Lairah Arabic origin Stars, Shinning Stars
Laisha American origin Prosperous, Angel
Laiya American origin Dark Beauty, Night
Lakan Filipino origin Beautiful
Lake Anglo-Sexan origin From the Still Waters
Lakeesha American origin Joyful or Happy, Woman
Mabel Latin origin Adorable, Lovable
Madie Greek origin Woman of Magdala
Mace English origin Weapon, Domain of Maccius
Macey Hebrew Origin Gift of the Lord, Weapon
Macha American origin Goddess, Killiney, Kerry, Plain
Machele Italian origin One who is Like God
Madra Spanish origin Mother, Form of Madonna
Maci Gaul origin Weapon
Mackensie Scottish origin Child of the Wise Leader
Madge English origin Pearl, Form of Margaret
Nachelle Dominican Republic origin Powerful Woman
Nada Russian origin Generosity, Dew, Giving, Hopeful
Nadeah Arabic origin Hope
Nadi Arabic origin River, Flow
Nadia Polish origin Filled with Hope, Caller, Moist
Nadie English origin Wise, Form of Nadia, Hope
Nadijah Russian origin Moist, Delicate, Tender, Hope
Nadine Arabic origin Filled with Hope, Hopeful
Naima Arabic origin Calm, Belonging to One, Graceful
Nadeen Russian origin Hope
Oana Romanian origin Gift from God
Obedience Obedience origin Obedience
Odalis French origin Wealthy, Riches
Odalys Spanish origin Wealthy
Odell English origin Woad Hill, Place Name, Rich, Song
Odessa Greek origin The Odyssey, Wrathful
Ofelia Greek origin To Help, Aid
Oixie Swedish origin The Power of Love
Ojasina Indian origin Having Strength, Vigorous
Oka Japanese origin Living Tree
Pace French origin A Charismatic Young Woman
Paddy Irish origin Of Noble Birth, Patrician
Pahana American origin A Lost White-skinned Sibling
Paige Latin origin Sweet, Page, Young Child
Paisley Scottish origin From a Glade, Soft
Pakwa American origin Frog
Palla Italian origin Wisdom, Water
Pallavi Indian origin New Leaf, Soft
Palma Spanish origin Palm Tree, Palm Bearing Pilgrim
Qarina Arabic origin Pure, Beloved, Chaste
Qiana African origin Gracious, Silky, Soft
Qistina Arabic origin Justice
Qodos African origin Holy Land
Quana English origin Deity, Light, Aromatic
Quanda English origin Companion, Queen
Quanesha American origin Life
Quanika Indian origin Form of Nika
Quanisha English origin Lively
Quay French origin Rock of Strength
Rabeah Arabic origin Resembling a Raven
Rabecca Italian origin Tied, Bound
Raby English origin Brightly
Raca Aramaic origin Worthless, Good-for-nothing
Rach Scottish origin Ewe, Frog
Racheal Hebrew Origin An Ewe, A Little Lamb
Rachel Hebrew Origin Innocence of a lamb
Raina French origin Queen, Advice, Decision
Rainbow French origin An Array of Bright Colours
Rainee Latin origin Queen, Counsel, Advice
Saarah Hebrew Origin Cute, Adorable, Happy Person
Saayra Hebrew Origin Princess
Saba Arabic origin Early Morning Breeze
Sabella Sicillian origin Consecrated / Promise of God
Sable Salvic origin Black-haired, Black
Sabra Hebrew Origin Patient, Enduring, Cactus Fruit
Sabre English origin A Beautiful, Lovely
Sabrena British origin From the Border Land
Sacnite American origin Pasty Blossom
Sade African origin Sweetly Singing
Taanya Salvic origin Fairy Princess, Worthy of Praise
Tabatha Hebrew Origin Gazelle
Tabra Arabic origin Gazelle
Tacie Latin origin Silent, Quiet, Mute
Tacincala English origin Deer
Tacy Latin origin Silence
Tadita American origin One who Runs, The Running One
Taffy Welsh origin Beloved, Loved One
Taia Latin origin Gift of God
Taija Sanskrit origin Crown
Ukaleq American origin Hare from Arctic
Ulandra American origin Violet
Ulia Irish origin Sea Jewel
Ulka Latin origin Meteorite, Wealthy
Ulloriaq American origin Star-like
Ulyssa Greek origin Detesting
Uma Sanskrit origin Doggess Parvati
Una Irish origin United
Unati Indian origin Progress
Unika Latin origin Unique
Vada German origin Wiseness, Pleasing God
Val Latin origin To be Healthy and Strong
Valarie Latin origin To be Strong, To be Healthy
Valen Latin origin Strong, Healthy
Valencia Latin origin Strength, Healthy, Strong, Power
Valentina Latin origin Sound, Strong and Healthy, Brave
Valeri French origin Strong
Valeria Latin origin To be strong
Valyn Latin origin Strong, Healthy
Vanesa American origin Butterflies, Similar to Vanessa
Wachiwi American origin Dancer
Wade English origin To Cross the River Ford
Wakeisha American origin Life, Woman, Prefix Wa Plus Keisha
Waki American origin Shelter
Waleis French origin From Wales
Wanita Hebrew Origin Gift from God
Wann Scottish origin Pale
Warm German origin A Caring Woman
Wayne English origin Cartwright
Xan Greek origin Defender of Mankind
Xandra Greek origin Protector of Humanity
Xaria American origin Melody
Xavia Arabic origin The New House
Xena Greek origin Brave, Beautiful
Xexilia Basque origin Blind
Ximena Spanish origin She who Hears, God has Heard
Xiomara Spanish origin Glorious / Famous in Battle
Xochitl Aztec origin Flower, Blossom-like
Yaani Hebrew Origin Scarlet, Ripe
Yadira Arabic origin Friend, Worthy, Suitable
Yadyra Arabic origin Friend
Yaletha English origin Nimble
Yamelia German origin Hard Working
Yamilet Spanish origin Beautiful
Yamit Hebrew Origin To Restrain
Yanet Hebrew Origin God is Gracious
Yanira Spanish origin Gift from God
Yanisha Sanskrit origin One with High Hopes
Yara Arabic origin Little Butterfly
Zabrina American origin Fruitful Desert FlowerZaidee
Zain Hebrew Origin Grace, Beauty, Good
Zaina Greek origin Lovely, Pretty, Strong, Cheerful
Zainab Arabic origin Decorated or Ornamented Tree
Zaira Arabic origin Guest, Visitor, Rose Flower
Zalla Salvic origin From the River
Zana Salvic origin Flow of Water
Zanah Greek origin Merry, Name, Quick, Alert
Zara Arabic origin Princess, Lady, Shining, Light



What is the Common Name in Colombia?

Here are some top common Colombian girl names, including Emmanuel, Isabella, Juan David, Juan, Jose, Luciana, Maria Jose, Mariana, Matis, Miguel, Angel, Salome, Santiago, and Valentina.

What are Popular Colombian Names?

Here are some popular Colombian names for girls: Salome, Luciana, Isabella, Mariana, Gabriela, Valeria, and Antonella.

How Do Colombian Names Work?

In Colombia, people use two surnames; the first surname is the paternal surname, and the second is a maternal surname. Married ladies like to change their second last name to add their husband’s surname.

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