can your Baby have two middle names?

5 Reasons To Choose Two Middle Names For Your Baby

Choosing to give your child two first names has its pros and cons. We have analyzed the arguments for and against this.

Naming your baby can be a big decision. Both parents should agree and you should also consider a name that your child will like in the future when they get older. Often, parents do not give their children just one name, but two, including the first name and the second. But sometimes parents can go one step further and give their children two first names, which makes the full name four words.

can your Baby have two middle names

It’s a good idea? There are reasons to follow the route of both first names and some to avoid it. Here is an analysis.

1. brings them out

Having two first names will allow your child to stand out among a group of children with only one given name or one middle name. This can lead to a feeling of confidence which can help them throughout their life. It feels good to feel different and having multiple names can be a way of letting them know that they are unique.

Few people have had two first names since birth, so it can help them stand out in environments like school, where there may be multiple children with the same last name. They can use one of the middle names to make it easier in class.

2. They can choose the name they want to use

Sometimes people prefer to use their middle name, or some close friends or relatives like to refer to a child in their own way, including one of their favorite names. Having two first names simply gives more options.

The child may decide to use one of their middle names later in life, so having more options can be a good idea. Maybe one parent’s side of the family calls them by one name while the other side of the family calls them by the other name.

3. Can create a legal personal acronym

Having two first names provides a better opportunity for the child to have a legal acronym for their name. The first few letters of your first name, middle name, and last name, could mean something cool or be similar to another acronym.

Whatever you do, be sure to check the acronym before selecting both first names to make sure it isn’t bothersome or that people can use it to make fun of the child. But having your own acronym can be nice.

4. it soothes parents or family members

Often, the decision to give a child two first names comes from honoring important people, such as grandparents or great-grandparents. Having two first names allows parents to include a tribute to someone special in their family and continue with the last name.
Maybe the mother wants to name the child after her great-grandfather, for example, but the father also wants to pay tribute to his cousin who recently passed away. Having two first names means that you can give the child whatever name you have agreed to, while also keeping a piece of both families.

5. makes them important

Children with two first names, and therefore three first names, may feel important. They are not only Mark, Sarah or Alex, but they also have other names for that. And they can choose to quote their full name when they want, or just keep the first and last name when they don’t.

They also have the opportunity to tell a story behind each of the names. And giving a long, historic name just makes you feel important and undeniable.

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