Best Polish Names for Boys that Starts with Letter J

Are you looking for the boy names that start with the letter J? Then you are at the right place. We collected some names and made a list of baby boy names starting with J. And, these names will be useful for your newborn baby to name your loveable baby boy. This list contains all the unique and most common, starting with the J letter for your baby.

A perfect name may cause good health, love, and happiness. This list will help you find and select the right name with the best meaning for your baby. Look below and find your favorite and perfect name for your baby boy.


Names Meanings
 Janko God is Gracious
Jaagob Supplanter, Held by the heel
Jacek Hyacinth flower
Jacenty Hyacinth flower
Jach Yahweh will establish
Jachym God will establish
Jack God is Gracious
Jackub Holder of heel
Jacus Hyacinth
Jaczemir God is Gracious
Jagoda  Berry in Polish
Jaki Which One
Jakim Raised by God
Jakin God will establish
Jakob He Who Supplants
Jakosc Quality
Jakow He Who Supplants
Jakub He Who Supplants
Jakubow One who Supplants
Jakusz Supplanter, Held by the heel
Jalu Holder of heel
Jan Supplanter, Held by the heel
Janah God is Gracious
Janalyn God is Gracious
Janecek God is Gracious
Janeik God is Gracious
Janek Czech diminutive of JAN
Janica God is Gracious
Janiusz Gateway
Janiuszek God is Gracious
Janko God is Gracious
Janne God is Gracious
Jach Yahweh will establish
Janusz Polish form of John
Januarius Devoted to Janus
Januariusz Devoted to Janus
Jaracz God is Gracious
Jarek Spring
Jarogniew Strong Anger
Jaromierz Famous Spring
Jaromil Favour of  Spring, Strong Favour
Jaromir Strong Peace
Jaropelk People of the Spring
Jaroslaw Glory of spring
Jasia Boy & Girl Name
Janiusz Gateway
Jazon Healer, To Heal
Jedno One, single
Jednosc Unity
Jedrej Manly, Brave
Jedrek Strong and Manly
Jedrick Strong Man
Jedrik Man, Warrior
Jedrus Strong and Brave
Jedrzej Man, Warrior
Jeny Farmer
Jeorek Strong, Manly
Jeronim Sacred Name, Holy Name
Jeronimo Sacred Name, Holy Name
Jerzy Farmer, Earth Worker
Jezyk Tongue
Jiri Czech Form of George
Joachim May Jehovah Exalt
Joakim Rising or Establishing
Joaquin God will Judge
John God is Merciful
Jokob Heel Graber
Jonatan Gift from God
Janusz God is Gracious
Jordan To Follow Down
Josep Ho will Enlarge
Jozef Jehovah Increases
Juda Praised, Goodness, Excellence
Julek Down-bearded Youth
Julian Youthful: Down-bearded
Juliusz Youthful: Downy Bearded
Jura Farmer: Earth Worker
Jurek Farmer: Earth Worker
Juri Farmer
Juryj Farmer
Just Righteous: Fair
Juilan Jove’s Child; Belonging to Julius
Justin Love, Clever, Just, Upright
Justyn Just, Fair, Righteous, Upright


What Are Some Polish Boy Names?

There huge polish names for boys that have special meanings. And, some of these names are Aleksander, Alfred, Andrej, Aureliusz, Bartek, Bazyli, Bogdan, and Borys.

What are Strong Male Names?

Powerful names for males are Ethan and Andrew. But along these both names, there are also many more powerful names: Brian, Everett, Harvey, Kenzo, Merrick, and Zane. There are many more powerful names for boys.

What Names Start with J in the Bible?

Here are some name that starts with J and founds in Bible.

  • Jaakan
  • Jesus
  • Jaala
  • Jaalam
  • Jaanai
  • Jaasau
  • Jaasiel
  • Jaasu

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