150+ Baby Boy Names and Their Meanings

150 Baby Boy Names and Their Meanings 

It is the best feeling in the world to have a baby and complete your life with this tiny life but immense happiness. The secret behind the real joy of life is behind the cherished moment that you spend with your little pal. Undoubtedly, many couples loved to have a baby, and even they plan everything related to their kids.

 The most crucial and foremost thing that you have to do and expect is your baby’s naming. Yes, this is quite important as it is necessary to name your baby after his birth. Naming your baby with a handsome and suitable name also matters a lot because it directly explains your baby’s personality. A name depicts gender identity and its influence on others. That is why you must go for a name that is more lovable, suitable, and good to hear for your baby.

Baby Boy Names and Their Meanings
Baby Boy Names and Their Meanings

There are beautiful boy names with meaning, and you can use them for your baby to have a little bit of fun in your life. Some parent loves the unique baby names and wants to know their meanings. You may find various books, articles, and lists that can provide you with boy names and their implications without any hesitation and extra effort. In this article, we have resolved your baby boy naming issues, and you can have the baby name unique meanings to give a name to your little angel.

We have discussed the baby boy names and their importance to each with the benefits of searching for huge books and consultations. There you can see the baby boy’s name, meaning collected from different regions. Let’s have a look at these unique boy name meaning:

150 Beautiful Boy Names With Meaning

Names Origin Meaning
Aaren Hebrew strong, exalted
Aapo  English, German, Hebrew          father of a multitude
Abayomi  African                                            brings excellent joy
Abbott   English, Hebrew father, leader of a monastery
Abdullah  Arabic  servant of God
Abner  Hebrew father of light
Ace  Latin one, unity
Addis English son of Adam
Adkins  English made of oak, son of Aiken
Adolfo  Italian noble wolf
Aegaeus Latin from the Aegean sea
Aiden Irish little and fier
Alanzo  Italian noble ready
Aldo Italian old and wise
Alexander Greek Name                 defending men
Alrigo  Italian   rules the estate
Ambrosi  Italian form of Ambrose immortal
Amell German   power of an eagle
Anatol Polish     sunrise
Andre French, Portuguese  man
Angelo  Italian Messenger from God
Ansley English From the Hermitage Field
Anton Latin    priceless one
Apollo Greek depict greatness, mythology name
Archer  English   bowman
Arlo Spanish  place name
Art English, Celtic    a noble one, bear man
Asher  Hebrew       fortunate, blessed, happy one
Ashton English ash trees place
Aslan  Turkish lion
Aspen     English nature and place name
Atlas Greek, Latin support
Atum Egyptian complete one
Atticus  Greek, Latin  from Attica
Barack Hebrew blessing
Bardene English From the boar valley
Barron English Warrior
Bazyli Greek, Polish royal, kingly
Beckham English homestead by the stream
Benji Hebrew son of the right hand
Bennett English blessed
Benson English son of Ben
Benton English bent grass enclosure.
Bifrost Norse the swaying road to heaven
Bjorn  Scandinavian, Swedish bear
Blake English, Scottish black or white
Bodi Hungarian  God bless the King
Borak Arabic lightning
Braxton  English Brock’s settlement
Brook English a small stream
Bruno German brown
Brynn Welsh  from the hill
Burel  French Coarse hair
Calvin Latin Bald
Camden     Scottish winding valley
Carden  English wool carder
Carl English strong, manly
Carolus Gaelic Champion
Carson Scottish, Irish son of the marsh-dwellers
Casen  American Name  variation of Cason
Casper Persian keeper of the treasure
Chalmar Teutonic Lord of the home
Chandler French candle maker
Charlie English  free man
Conall Celtic, Irish  high, mighty
Cooper English  barrel maker
Deron Armenian One who belongs to God
Dome Latin The Lord’s
Easton English east-facing place
Ellington English Ellis’s town
Elliot English Jehovah is God
Emerson German son of Emery
Emmett Hebrew, German, English universal
Everett German, English      brave as a wild boar
Felix Latin happy, fortunate
Finley Scottish, Irish  fair-haired hero
Finn Irish fair or white
Finnian Irish fair
Fletcher English  arrow-maker
Flynn Irish son of the red-haired one
Frederic French   peaceful ruler
Gabriel   Hebrew  God is my strength
Gale English lively
George Greek farmer
Gerald English, German rules by the spear
Giovanni Italian God is gracious
Grady Gaelic, Irish noble, a man of rank
Grant Scottish large
Grayson English   the son of the bailiff
Habib Arabic beloved, darling, lover,
Halbert English brilliant hero
Henry German estate ruler
Hudson English Hugh’s son
Hugo German, Spanish, Portuguese mind, intellect
Humphrey German peaceful warrior
Icarius  Greek Athenian who so warmly welcomed Dionysus to Attica that the god gave him the gift of wine
Illan Latin Young, Youthful
Imad Arabic supportive, Relied upon
Ira Hebrew watchful
Jack English God is gracious
Jajaun English modern blend of Jay and Juan
Jasper Persian bringer of treasure
Jax American  Modern invented name.
Jesse Hebrew gift
Jonathan Hebrew gift of Jehovah
Joshua Hebrew the Lord is my salvation
Jude Latin praised
Julian  English, Latin youthful, downy
Karl German strong, manly
Kasey Irish brave in battle
Kingston  English  king’s town
Knox Scottish round hill
Lambert French, German   light of the land
Lance French servant
Lennox Scottish  elm grove
Levi Hebrew joined, attached
Liam Irish resolute protection
Lincoln English  town by the pool
Linden English linden tree hill
Logan Scottish small hollow
Luka Italian man from Lucania
Machau Hebrew gift from God 
Maddox Welsh son of Madoc
Marcel French little warrior
Maxwell Scottish  great stream
Michael Hebrew who is like God
Miles English, Latin soldier or merciful
Milo  German soldier or merciful
Nicholas Greek people of victory
Nicolo Italian Victorious, conqueror of the people. Variant of Nicholas
Nigel English  Champion; from the Irish Gaelic name Niall
Niles English Son of Neil
Oliver Latin  olive tree
Oldrich Czech One with riches and power
Omari African God the highest (Swahili)
Orik English  From the ancient oak tree
Oscar  English, Irish   God spear, or deer-lover or champion warrior
Otis German wealthy
Parker English Park keeper
Paxton Latin peace town
Payden English From the fighter’s den or valley; surname
Percy French one who pierces the valley
Quinn Irish descendant of Conn, chief leader, intelligence
Quintin Latin fifth
Reed English red-haired
Remy French, Latin oarsman
Rubin Hebrew  behold, a son
Samson Hebrew sun
Sawyer English woodcutter
Sebastian Greek, Latin a person from the ancient city of Sebastian
Silas  English, Latin      wood, forest
Sloan Irish raider
Solomon Hebrew peace
Tallon  English Variant of Tal tall. Surname
Tamryn Russian Palm tree. Variant of Tamar. Biblical Tamara was daughter of King David and sister to Absalom.
Tayler English  Tailor. Surname
Theo  Greek divine gift
Ulmer Norse Glory; in Norse mythology, the god of winter and skiers
Ungus Latin One, unity, together; In Edmund Spenser”s epic poem The Faerie Queene
Uria African Prince
Vadim Hebrew  God is my strength
Valen Swedish Powerful
Valerius Italian boy name  Strong; valiant
Victor Latin conqueror
Wesley  English western meadow
Weston English from the western town
William English  resolute protection
Winston English wine’s town
Wren English  bird name
Wyatt English  brave in war
Xabat English From the friend’s (or friendly) town or settlement; from Wine”s town or settlement; surname; variant of Winston
Xenophon Basque  The new house; popularized by the sixteenth-century Jesuit missionary Saint Francis Xavier
Xenos Spanish  Bright, Owns a new house; feminine form of Xavier
Yacoub Greek From the forest
Yahya Muslim Along with Muhammad, Yahya is one of the most popular male names among Muslims
Yancy Hindi From the Yamuna river
Zacarias French Archer; feminine variant of Yves
Zahir Armenian Flower
Zaim Arabic White, flowering, beauty
Zalica Hebrew  Pure, innocent
Zeke Hebrew God strengthens


How to choose your baby boy’s name?

You can easily choose your cool meaning baby boy’s name by viewing the above names and their meanings.

Is it necessary to have a unique baby boy name?

It totally your wish to name your baby with any name. It is really not essential to have a unique boy name meaning at the spot. You can search for various names and opt for one which is more loved by you.

What to do when I am looking for the same rhyming names for my baby?

Sometimes it is quite tricky to name your baby with the same sounds but a few parents like this naming. You can view various naming lists, and even this article gives you an idea about diverse boy names and meanings.

Can I keep a meaningful name for my little baby?

You can keep what name seems powerful meaning to you because it is your responsibility to name your baby and give him a meaningful ad appropriate name.


Naming your baby is the most amazing and difficult thing to do. You can choose these baby boy’s names and meaning to name your baby with a handsome name. All the above-explained names are unique, beautiful, and quite lovely for your little pal. Name your baby with the name that both parents like the most and which suits your baby. Have fun with your baby naming opportunity!

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