Baby Boy and Girl Names With Cool Meaning

Baby Names With Cool Meaning

Naming your baby is always a complicated task to do. People usually started planning many months ago to decide their baby names. Having a little one in your home and family rejoice your life with eternal happiness. Picking a baby name can be challenging because there are different names that you can use for your baby. But the trend has changed the naming scenario due to sort and cool names usually kids nowadays loved to be named with short and cool names. That is why the inclination of having old, ancient, and long names have been changed. Most of the parents prefer the names that are so unique and different from usual names. Parents plan to name their baby from the start and have a list to select a few names. Some parents have arguments, and that is why most of the names got eliminated from the list. And a few names remain to be used for the baby. But, we have discussed any names that you can use for your babies. We have explained the cute nicknames for babies to make you feel happy.

Moreover, a baby name rater helps you inform you about a certain name and its popularity across the whole globe. You can check these names on a baby name rater to analyze which name is common and not familiar to the people. Scroll it below to have the best nicknames for boys.

Baby Names With Cool Meaning


Abner                                             father of light

Aero                                                of the sky

Arkin                                                eternal king’s son

Arlen                                          pledge, promise, oath

Anton                                         priceless

Arlo                                            fortified hill

Asher                                         happiness

Axel                                           father of peace


Barney                                     son of comfort

Basil                                          regal

Baxter                                       baker

Bernard                                    hardy or brave

Bertram                                   bright raven


Caleb                                        devotion to god

Campbell                                 crooked mouth

Carlton                                    free men’s town

Carney                                     a skillful tradesman

Cecil                                        blind or dim-sighted

Chester                                 walled town

Chris                                      bearer of christ

Christensen                         christ

Clifford                                 ford near a slope

Cooper                                 barrel maker

Cornelius                            horn

Crosby                                  parenthood

Cyril                                       lord


Damian                                to tame

Damon                                 the one who tames

Dawson                                son of david

Dewey                                  beloved

Dmitri                                   earth lover

Dominic                               belonging to god

Duke                                     nobleman

Dylan                                    great wave


Earl                                        warrior or nobleman

Ebenezer                             rock or stone of help

Elias                                       jehovah is god

Elijah                                    jehovah is god

Elmer                                    noble and renowned

Emilio                                    rival

Emmanuel                           god is with us

Ephraim                               fruitful

Ernest                                   resolute

Ethan                                    strong or firm

Evan                                      god is gracious


Felix                                       happy and lucky

Finley                                    white warrior

Fletcher                                seller of arrows

Ford                                    someone living near a ford


Gavin                                    hawk or battle

Gilbert                                  shining pledge

Graham                                gravelly homestead

Gray                                      the gray-haired one

Gregor                                  watchful

Gus                                        great


Harmon                               soldier or warrior

Harvey                                 battle worthy

Heathcliff                             heath near a cliff

Henry                                   estate ruler

Herbert                                bright

Homer                                  pledge or hostage

Hugh                                     mind

Hutton                                  settlement


Irving                                    white river, handsome

Isaiah                                    yahweh is salvation


James                                    supplanter

Jan                                         god is gracious

Jason                                     the one who cures

Jasper                                     treasure keeper

Jesse                                     god exists

Jett                                        protection or purification

John                                      god is gracious

Joseph                                  may god increase

Joshua                                  lord is my salvation

Jude                                      praised one


Larkin                                    victory

Laurent                                from laurentum

Lawrence                             man from laurentum

Lazarus                                 god is my helper

Leo                                        lion

Lucius                                   light

Luke                                      from lucania

Lyle                                        island


Marcello                              manly

Martin                                  war-like

Mason                                  stoneworker

Maverick                             top gun

Micah                                  one who is like the lord

Michael                               who is like god

Milo                                      merciful soldier

Morris                                  dark-skinned

Mortimer                             still water


Nicholas                               victory of the people

Niles                                     river

Noah                                    rest or comfort


Oliver                                    olive tree

Orion                                    rising in the sky

Oscar                                    divine spear


Payton                                  royal

Pharrell                                heroic

Phineas                                the face of trust

Phoenix                                a bird reborn from the ashes


Quentin                                fifth


Ralph                                    wolf counsel

Rio                                         river

Robert                                  bright fame

Rocco                                    rest

Ryan                                     little king


Sage                                      intelligent

Samuel                                 heard by god

Sergei                                    protector or shepherd

Seymour                               marshy land near the sea

Silas                                        of the forest


Terence                                soft and tender

Theodore                              gift of god

Tobias                                   the goodness of god


Valentino                             healthy

Van                                        comeback, of

Vincent                                 vincere, to conquer


Walter                                  army ruler

William                                 resolute protector

Wren                                    rule


Zenith                                   highest point

Girls Names With Cool Meaning


Adore                                    a gift

Ailey                                      light

Alaska                                   the mainland

Allura                                    Godly adviser

Amandine                            beloved

Amaryllis                              sparkling

Anouk                                   grace


Bethan                                  God has promised

Bliss                                       joy

Bunny                                   A bunny is a “little rabbit” cute


Candy                                   A sweet treat

Caron                                 springtime

Cici                                      blind

Constanza                          Constant, unchanging

Crimson                               A deep red color


Dasha                                   nice, energetic

Doll                                       gift of god

Dunia                                    life or world


Edwige                                  refuge from war

Elspeth                                 chosen by God” or “consecrated by God

Eluned                                  idol, image


Fawn                                     Young deer

Fleur                                       Flower


Gigi                                        Earth worker or God is gracious

Ginevra                                white, blessed

Gray                                      Gray-haired

Gretel                                   A pearl

Gypsy                                    A bohemian traveler


Honesty                                Truthfulness


Isabeau                                 Pledged to God


Jubilee                                  Anniversary celebration

Jupiter                                  Father Zeus


Kalinda                                 Sun, name of mountains and its origin


Lady                                      Female head of a household

Lilac                                       name of a flower

Lilou                                      God is an abundance

Lottie                                    Short for Charlotte

Lovelle                                  wolf cub

Lulu                                       famous warrior


Melrose                                Treeless hill

Miami                                   Place in America

Mignon                                Favorite, Darling

Mildred                                Gentle strength

Misty                                     Light fog

Moon                                    Name of a Goddess


Nimrat                                  Humble


Odelia                                   Praise God

Olwen                                   White footprint


Paizlee                                  Name of a town in Scottish Lowlands

Pandora                               All-gift

Patience                               Patient

Pepper                                 Name for a spicer or a nickname for a small man

Pilar                                       Similar to the meaning of pillar

Pinky                                     Pinkish


Rooney                                 Red-haired

Roza                                      Rose


Saskia                                    German meaning is Saxon

Shoshana                              Lily

Signy                                      New victory

Starr                                       Alternative spelling of Star

Storm                                     Violent disturbance of the atmosphere

Strawberry                            Name of a fruit

Sunday                                    Lord’s Day

Suzu                                      Little bell


Valentine                             Strong, vigorous, healthy

Varvava                               Stranger

Verity                                    A truth, a reality”

Verona                                 Name of a city where Romeo and Juliet settled

Victory                                 To conquer


Zyra                                     Brightness of the morning


Can I name my baby with a Nickname?

It is usually common that people have their babies’ nicknames that show their love and comfort level for their tiny pal. Yes, you can have nicknames for your babies. They are quite common to create a sense of bonding and level between your baby and parenthood.

What about naming with a Cool by name?

Well, the currents scenario has revealed that people usually prefer to have short and cool names for their babies to sound unique and easy to call. So, it is good to name your baby with a cool name rather than just an old name.

How Can I use a baby name rater?

Some different websites and apps offer this facility. You just have to add your name to the website and have the details of a certain name. This may help you to inform about the rating of a certain animal all across the world. In this way, you can have the desired and unique name of your baby.

How to choose cute nicknames for boys?

Some of the cute nicknames for babies have been described in the article that you can name your baby boy and have fun. All these names are explained along with their meaning. So, it is easier to make your kiddo by knowing the meaning. Moreover, you may also know the names of the girls.


Keeping your baby’s name is not easy at all. You may be looking for various options. Here are baby names with cool meaning to solve your baby naming issue. These names are unique, short, and cool that you can use for your babies and enjoy them calling with cute nicknames.

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