American Baby Boy Names That Start With S

The united states of America have always been influenced by how they think and do certain things. There won’t be an exaggeration if anyone says that America impacted her child’s name. For the past many years, the USA has introduced several new names with amazing meanings.


Some names are related to the Latin and English origin from the background. They are also known as the classic names for the United States of America. All types of names for baby boys are explained below. There are hundreds of boy names that start with the alphabet S.


Many names are based on the way to honor family culture through the baby boy names. If your cultural family name is too far, you can consider selecting a middle name as a way of honor for your family. If you want to find a name for your baby, then check out this article.


Names Meaning
Saa A nature god
Saam A name from Persian mythology, a character in Shahnameh
Sabin A Sabine; The Sabines were a rival tribe living in central Italy
Sabino A Sabine
Sabir Patient, enduring, persevering
Sabra  Patient
Sacha  Defender of man
Sachi Descended from the sun god
Saebeorht Glory at sea
Saer  Carpente
Sagar Wise one. Surname
Sage Sage, means “wise,”
Sahak Armenian form of Isaac
Sahan Falcon
Sahir Wakeful
Saka From the Shaka
Sakari Finnish Origin
Sakarias Finnish Origin
Sakeri Remembered by God
Salah First Ayyubid Sultan of Egypt during the time of the Fatimid reign
Salamon Peaceful
Salem Peace; In the Psalms,
Salvator Savior
Salvatore easily recognizable to English speakers,
Salvatoria  Savior
Salvic Military glory
Sami  Elevated, exalted
Samman Grocer, butter merchant
Sampson From the Shakespearean play Romeo and Juliet
Samu  Asked of God; short form of Samuli
Samuel In the Bible Samuel was a judge and prophet in early Israel
Sancho Saint.
Sander Short form of Alexander
Sanderson Alexander”s son
Sandor Defender of man
Sandy Defender of man; abbreviation of Alexander
Sanford From the sandy ford
Santeri Defender of man; abbreviation of Aleksanteri
Santiago Saint James; Santiago is the capital and largest city of Chile.
Santino Little saint
Santo Sacred, holy, saint
Santos Saints.
Sargent A squire
Sarkis Protector, shepherd
Sarpedon Killed by Patroclus during the Trojan War
Sasha Defender of mankind; Russian nickname for Alexander
Sashenka Defender of man
Satchel Small bag, sack
Saul Inquired of God; name of the first king of Israel
Saville From the willow farm; surname
Savino Of the Sabines.
Savion Possibly derived from Xavier
Sawyer The name Sawyer immediately brings to mind the adventurous
Sawyers Son of Sawyer
Saxon  Swordsman, knife; Saxons were among the Germanic tribes
Sayer  Carpenter; surname
Sayre  Carpenter
Sayres Carpenter
Sceapleigh From the sheep meadow; a surname and variant of Sheply
Schmuel Asked of God
Schuyler Shelter, scholar
Scott Scott holds the very inspired meaning of “from Scotland,”
Scottish Defender of man; abbreviation of Alexander
Scotty From Scotland; a Gael. Diminutive of Scott.
Seabroc From the brook by the sea
Seaburt  Glory at sea
Sealey English Origin
Sean Irish version of the traditional John meaning “God is gracious.”
Seanan Irish Origin
Seb God of the earth
Sebasten Revered
Sebastian a heavy metal singer, an animated crustacean
Sebert Glory at sea
Sedgeley From the sword meadow
Seiji Lawful, manages affairs of state
Selik Blessed
Selvyn Variant of Sylvanus referring to the mythological Greek god
Semyon Russian form of Simon God is heard
Senen Gift from God
Senya Nickname for Arseni
Seosamh He shall add
Seosaph God will multiply
Seraphim Fiery; Seraphim are angels of heaven,
Serge An attendant
Sergio Attendant
Sergius Attendant
Seriozhenka An attendant
Set Son of Geb and Nut
Seth Seth was the third child of Adam and Eve
Sevan Name of a lake, meaning unknown
Severn  Strict; restrained. Surname.
Severne Strict; restrained. Surname.
Sevrin Strict, restrained; a saint”s name
Seward Sea guardian; a surname.
Sewell Sea powerful
Seymour Marshy land near the sea
Shaan Peaceful.
Shad Short form of the Biblical Shadrach;
Shadd Short form of the Biblical Shadrach
Shadrach In the Bible Shadrach was one of three young Hebrew
Shae Shae is a short-and-sweet name with Irish origins.
Shahab Shooting star, meteor
Shaham The exact meaning of this name is unknown
Shai This name is often confused with the Anglicized Shay
Shain Variant of Shaun from John.
Shaine Variant of Shaun from John.
Shaka The name of the Zulu tribal leader sometimes compared to Attila the Hun.
Shakir Grateful; masculine form of Shakira
Shaktar Name of a hermit
Shalom Hoping for a little peaceful Buddha baby
Shamil The north wind
Shamus Supplanter
Shan Old, wise
Shandon Variant of Shaun from John
Shane  Variant of Sean, a popular Irish cognate of John
Shanley Old hero
Shann  Variant of Shaun from John.
Shannon Old and wise; from the Shannon, a river of Ireland
Sharif Arabic Origin
Shaughn Variant of John from Sean.
Shaun Shaun is actually a variation of good
Shaw From the shady grove Irish: Surname.
Shawn  Irish: Variant of Sean,
Shay Variant of Shea courteous. Surname.
Shayan Variant of Shea courteous.
Shaylon Variant of Shea courteous.
Shayne Irish Origin
Shea Hawklike or majestic; an Irish family name
Sheary Irish form of Geoffrey peace from God
Shelby From the village or estate on the ledge;
Sheldon A farm in a deep valley.
Shem  Renown, name, as in one of note;
Shepherd Shepherd is a classic occupation name
Sherlock Blond; made famous by the Sherlock Holmes detective stories
Sherman Cuts the nap of woolen cloth;
Sherwin Swift, quick as the wind
Sherwood From the bright forest;
Shey Variant of Shea
Shiloh The peaceful one, he who is to be sent;
Shimon Son of Simon
Shiva God of the moon
Shiye Native American: Son (Navajo)
Shu The god of air and the bearer of heaven
Shudra Bom to the lowest caste
Shura  Nickname for Alexander
Shurik Defender of man; Nickname for Alexander
Siard Northern German short form of Sieghard
Siarl Welsh form of Charles manly
Sid This is a name fit for a future rocker
Sidney The origin of Sidney is uncertain but it may be from a French place
Sidonus Follower of Saint Denis, the martyred Bishop of Paris
Siegfried Victorious peace
Siencyn Welsh form of Jenkin God is gracious
Sigfried Welsh form of Jenkin God is gracious
Sigifrid Victorious peace
Sigifrith Victorious
Sigismondo Victorious defender
Sigmond Victorious defender
Sigmund Victorious protection
Sigurd Victorious defender
Sigvard Victorious defender
Sigwalt  Victorious ruler
Sike Native American: He sits at home (Navajo)
Sil Of the forest
Silas Forest; a variant of Silvian.
Sill Of the forest
Silos Of the forest
Silvano Spanish Origin
Silvester German Origin
Silvestre French: Trees; sylvan
Silvio Of the forest; referring to the Roman god of trees
Simon English Origin
Simson  Son of Simon
Sinclaire Saint Clair.
Sindri A mythical dwarf
Siv Victorious defender
Skeet Swift
Skelton From the estate on the ledge
Skipper Captain
Skyelar Phonetic spelling of Schuyler.
Skyler Phonetic spelling of Schuyler.
Skylor Phonetic spelling of Schuyler.
Slater Roof slater; surname for one who installs slate roofs
Slavik Russian: Glory
Slavin Mountain; surname
Sloane Celtic: Fighter
Smith  Tradesman, blacksmith; surname
Smyth Tradesman
Sobhi Arabic Origin
Socrates Meaning unknown; Socrates was an ancient and influential Greek philosopher and teacher.
Solomon Peace; variant of Salem.
Soma Hungarian: Horn
Somerset From the summer settlers
Songaa Native American: Strong
Sonnie Son. A nickname and given name.
Sonny  Son; a nickname and given name
Sorel Reddish brown hair
Soren Strict; possibly a variant of Severin
Sorrell  Reddish-brown hair
Spencer Keeper of provisions
Spenser Dispenser; provider.
Stacey Productive. Abbreviation of Eustace.
Stacy Productive; familiar form of Eustace
Staffan Swedish form of Stephen crowned with laurels
Stan A nickname for the old-fashioned Stanley
Stanbury From the stone fortress; surname adapted to first name use
Standish From the stony park; a surname evocative of Pilgrim leader Miles Standish
Stanford From the stony ford; a surname
Stanialaus Camp of glory, military glory;
Stanislas Military glory
Stanley  a surname commonly used as a first name
Stannes Military glory
Stanwick Lives in or near the stony village; surname
Stanwood From the stony wood or forest; surname
Steafan Victorious
Steele Hard or durable (as steel)
Stefan Crown; wreath. Variant of Stephen. Polish: Crown
Stefano Italian Origin
Stefanos Victorious
Steffon Welsh: Crown; wreath. Variant of Stephen.
Stefford Crown; wreath. In the Bible Stephen was the first Christian martyr. Surname.
Stefon Crown; wreath.
Stein German: Stone; surname
Stephano From the Shakespearean plays Merchant of Venice and The Tempest
Stephen cool about the ever-fashionable Stephen.
Stephenson English Origin
Sterling English Origin
Stetson American: Cowboy hat
Stevan English Origin
Steve There’s just something so blah about Steve.
Steven Steven, that perennial favorite,
Stevenson English: Surname form of Steven
Stevie English Origin
Stevyn English Origin
Stewart Bailiff
Stockley English: From the meadow of tree stumps; surname
Stoney English: Nickname based on the word stone. Stone
Storm English: Tempest, storm; nature name
Stratford English: From the river ford on the street
Strom Czech: Stream, tree
Suileabhan Irish: Black eyed
Sven Youth Swedish: Youth



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  • John
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  • Michael
  • William
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  • Samuel
  • Santiago
  • Sawyer
  • Silas
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