200 Bohemian Baby Names for Girls and Boys

Your name is your identity and choosing the best one is always difficult. Different names can be used for naming your babies. Either you are looking for a baby boy name or a girl name, you can have them because there is all kind of names.

There is a trend to name your babies with different and other culture’s names, such as Bohemian baby names. They are unique, trendy, and amazing to call for your kid. We have given a list of Bohemian names for boys and girls. You can check them out to opt for the most suitable name. Here is the list of girls’ and boys’ names.

Bohemian Girl Names:


Names Meaning
Adele Noble, Name of a British singer


Allegra Derived from the pharmaceutical industry
Aria Character names in Game of Thrones and Aria from Pretty Little Liars
Arwen Noble or maiden


Avery Made with two words which mean powerful king


Bea She who brings happiness
Birdie Bright, famous, little bird


Bloom Flower, derived from the German and Yiddish word Blum
Blue Name of a color
Bluebell Name of a flower
Boheme A person with artistic and literary interests
Cadence   The rhythmic flow of music and poetry
Calliope  Name of the Greek goddess of epic poetry
Caroline Based on the name of a novel written by author Neil Gaiman
Catrine Classic version of the name of Catherine
Celeste Heavenly or celestial
Charlotte Name of a poet
Chiara Light, a perfect representation of the shining light in Italian
Claudine French feminine version of Claude
Clementine Mil, merciful
Clover Comfort, luck, and wealth
Coriander Mentioned in Bible, “manna” which means fell from the heaven
Cyan Color name


Cyrene ‘sovereign queen’, Name of a female figure in the classical Greek mythology


Daisy Name of a fresh, energetic, and wholesome flower
Darcy Dark one, derived from French
Deja Something already happened and seen


Delilah Old Testament name, delight, amorous
Demelza Name of the heroin in drama series
Drea Manly and virile


Eisley Cheerful


Elowen Elm tree, modern Cornish name derived from the elowen word.
Everly Boar meadow
Faye Fairy, loyalty, belief
Fern Name of a green shade-loving plant
Fiona Fair or white, derived from Fionn


Flora Flower, name of the Roman goddess of springtime
Gaia Earth, Goddess of the earth, earth mother
Goldie The precious metal gold
Harlow Rock hill or army hill
Harper Harp player
Haven Place of safety, shelter
Hazel The hazelnut tree
Ilona Torch of light
Indigo Name of Indian dye
Iris Rainbow, name of the Greek Goddess of the rainbow
Isla Island, the Spanish word for island
Ivy Name of a plant with yellow flowers
Jessa God Beholds
Juniper Combo of two words Junio and prepare, which means young, to produce, and evergreen
Juno Queen of heaven
Kaya Wiser than your age or eldest sister
Kodiak Island, related to the Russian language
Lark A playful and lighthearted songbird
Lavender A Purple Flowering Plant
Lennon Lover, derived from Irish origin
Lilac Bluish
Lilou Combination of Lily and Lilou
Lotus Name of a flower
Luna Moon belongs to Latin origin
Lydia Role name of Lydia Deets in “Beetlejuice”
Lyric Poetry and music term
Mae Bitter or pearl, derived from may word
Magnolia Magnol’s flower
Maple Piece of cloth
Mareike Bitter, Known as the variation of Mariah
Marigold Golden flower
Marlowe Driftwood
Meadow Field Of Grass Or Vegetation
Melody Derived from Greek elements “Melos”, which means to sings
Monet Soft and modern name
Noa Motion, derived from Noach
Olive Olive tree
Ophelia Help, Used in the Hamlet play by Shakespeare
Paisley Referred to a fabric design pattern
Paloma Dove, Peaceful, derived from “palumbus”
Pearl Name of a gem
Piper Pipe or flute player
Poppy Red flower
Rayne counsel, song
Reverie A state of being pleasantly lost in one’s thoughts
Rey King originated from Spanish origin
River Inspired by nature
Roxanne  exotic touch of the Persian name
Ruby Gemstone in red color
Saffron Name of a spice
Serendipity Unexpected good fortune
Story lovely and free-spirited name
Tabitha Whimsical and unique
Tamara Date palm tree and Name of the Polish Art Deco painter
Tess To harvest
Twyla Twilight or early evening
Uma Name of the Hindu Goddess
Vellum A fine kind of parchment
Violet Name of a color which means purple
Waverly Meadow of quivering aspens
Willow Slender and graceful
Winter Name of a season
Zhara Beautiful, brilliant, shining, and bright
Zelda Dark battle, blessed, happy

Bohemian Boys Names

Names Meanings
Alaric All-powerful ruler
Alchemy Medieval chemistry
Alder Derived from the Alder tree
Allistair Defender Of The People originated from a Scottish origin
Alto High or elevated
Andy Strong and manly, derived from Andrew
Ansel God’s protection
Apollo Destroyer
Archer Bowman, one who expert in archery
Ari Eagle, used in Old Norse, Icelandic, Faroese
Aries Ram, belongs to Latin origin
Armon High place
Asher Fortunate, blessed, and happy
Auden Name of a famous American writer
Bear Strong and brave
Bodhi Awakening, enlightenment
Breeze A light and gentle wind
Brody Broad eye or broad island
Cobalt Name of blue color which is cool and slightly desaturated
Chakra Known as the source of energy
Chivalry Horse soldiery, derived from old French term chevalerie
Christian Known as the follower of the christ
Claude Lame, stuttering, and limping
Cosmo Order, beauty, and decency
Cove Habitational name of a place
Cullen Good-looking lad, handsome
Dax Leader, derived from French origin
Dexter Proper, skillfull, on the right hand, right side, favourable
Emile To strive, excel, rival
Eryk Lovable
Ezra Help or helper
Felix Happy or lucky
Finch To swindle
Fletcher Arrowsmith or seller of arrows
Flint Hard stone
Forrest Dweller near the woods
Gareth Gentle
Giotto Pledge of peace, name of an Italian architect and painter
Grey Gray-haired
Griffin Used for a fierce or dangerous person
Hawk Falcon, bird of prey
Heath Someone who lived at a moor or heath
Hendrix Son of Hendrik
Hendry Ruler of the home
Hurley Of the sea tides
Huxley Inhospitable place
Indy Independent
Jack God is gracious, derived from John
Jarvis Spear
Jax God has been gracious
Jonah Dove or pigeon
Jude Praised
Jules Youthful, soft, downy
Julian Youthful, name of a popular American painter and film director
Kai Sea, exotic and evocative name
Kylo Sky, comes from Latin origin
Lars From Laurentum or crowned with laurel
Leander Lion man, hero
Leif Heir, name of an Icelandic explorer
Leo Artistic name
Loki Trickster God
Luis Famous warrior, variation of Louis
Marley Pleasant seaside meadow
Max Greatest, Name of a German artist Max-Ernest
Memphis Name of a bluish American city famous for music genres
Miles Name of a known Jazz icon Miles Davis
Nirvana Peaceful, heaven, and liberty
Ocean Inspired by the Greek name Okeanos
Onyx Black Gemstone
Orion Name of the handsome giant in Greek myths
Oscar God spear, deer-lover, champion warrior
Patchouli Name of a famous perfume
Phoenix Dark red
Piper The one who plays the pipe
Quest Long search for something
Rafe Wolf Counsel
Raphael God has healed
Rebel Defiant person
Reef Lovable considerate caring of others
Rocky Rest
Scout Adventurous, brave
Sebastian Venerable
Silas Wood, forest
Sonny Sun
Stellan Person from ancient city of Sebastia
Stone Dweller By The Stone Or Rocks
Storm Tempest
Tate Cheerful
Tristan Sorrowful or noise
Vincent Conquering
Wheeler Weal Hero, Lucky warrior
Wild Hunter
Wilder Untamed or wild animal
Woody Row of houses by the wood
Wolf Traveling wolf, split personality
Xander Defender of humankind
Xavier New house or bright
Zephyr West wind
Zest Excitement, spiciness


Why choose a Bohemian name for your baby?

Naming your baby is important because you have to use it for communication with your baby. Choosing a bohemian name will give you a touch of the Roman Empire. You can name your baby with this region name because they also give you the feeling of attachment and exposure to the bohemian region.

Can you name your baby girl or baby boy with the bohemian name?

Yes, you can easily name your baby boy and baby girl with the bohemian name because it has names for both genders. So, do not worry about the naming of your baby.

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